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Transforming existing public education systems to enable every child to learn effectively

EIDU is a technology-enhanced platform which integrates various high impact interventions into a single, coherent system that is easy to use by teachers, students, and government officials. We have already integrated Tayari, a structured pedagogy programme for pre-primary schools, and combined it with a digital personalised learning curriculum consisting of thousands of learning activities.

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June 2023
EIDU’s integrated, impactful learning tools strengthen learners' and teachers' skills from the moment they begin using them, while empowering governments and the global education community to improve education systems faster than ever before. This allows to close the education gap for low-income countries through an easy-to-scale and affordable solution and make SDG4 a reality.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Today, in low-income countries only 1 in 10 children can read
by the age of 10, despite majority of them going to school. Solutions in the form of structured pedagogy, which combines teacher training and structured lesson plans, have been successfully implemented as one of the most effective ways to solve this problem. Low-cost digitization allows us to make the solutions scalable and impactful.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

EIDU has created a unique solution that combines structured pedagogy and an open digital platform. We digitised Tayari, a highly effective structured pedagogy program (0.5 SD) developed by RTI and the Kenyan government.
First, we train all teacher supervisors, who in turn train school teachers. Subsequently, all supervisors visit their schools to coach teachers in improving their teaching with support from EIDU staff and the digital platform.
EIDU distributes a few smartphones per classroom to be used by teachers (access to daily lesson plans) and students (access to interactive exercises). A student plays more than 100 learning games each week, 8 times Tayari’s paper version. These games include onebillion’s proven high impact content.
Finally, we assess the academic development of all students, enabling partners to monitor the component's effectiveness. This provides the government and the global research community with an unprecedented pool of data to guide operations and policy.

How has it been spreading?

EIDU started working in Kenya in 2016, initially focusing on low-cost private schools until it was approached by the Mombasa County Government to digitize and roll out Tayari, aimed at pre-primary schools. After a successful pilot, all 47 Kenyan counties passed a resolution in 2022 to include EIDU in their development plans. We have also received approval from the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development.
We are on track to reach 300,000 learners by the end of 2023, creating the biggest pool of learning data globally. Combined with the ability to change all content in our platform, this is already improving learning outcomes faster and cheaper than ever before.
We are confident to hit our next milestone: Reaching all 2 million pre-primary students across Kenya by 2025.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Our goal is to support governments in continuously improving their education system. We empower government staff with training, tools and other support to build capacity to eventually administer the program by themselves. Implementation plans for each area are defined with the education authorities. The execution of the EIDU program is a joint responsibility between governments and EIDU.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

EIDU is transforming public education in Kenya through child-centred and play based pedagogy. The solution combines active learning, play, and technology in a holistic approach that promotes student agency and teachers' professional growth.

The fact that all 47 Kenyan counties passed a resolution in 2022 to include EIDU in their development plans is strong evidence of scale.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

1. Government approval
Define (county) government agreements to start operations in the public schools in scope
2. Host onboarding townhalls
Invite school representatives to a kick-off event where schools are onboarded on the EIDU solution and they receive the first digital devices. In a single event more than 3,000 learners are included in the program.
3. Set up learners profile and ready to go
Profiles for each learner in the class are created by the teacher and already within a few hours learners can start using the devices as part of the digital personalised learning curriculum. In turn, teachers can also start using the devices to prepare and conduct their lessons through the structured pedagogy component of the EIDU solution.
4. Supervision by government staff and EIDU staff
Regular school visits and conducted by EIDU staff (during foundation phase) and government staff (both foundation phase and then on ongoing basis) to monitor usage, encourage high adoption, and troubleshoot when needed. Through online dashboard they can identify those underperforming schools that require more attention.
5. Data analysis and policy adoption
Full data availability on both students and teachers allows government officials with the appropriate clearance level to access data to inform education policy decisions to maximise use of existing resources and ensure high levels of education.

Spread of the innovation

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