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We drive the transformation of learning.

We are an initiative that drives transformation in learning to unleash young students’ potential and increase their development opportunities in the digital age and the XXI century. To achieve our goal, we promote powerful ideas, cutting-edge knowledge and innovative practices applied to the real world, guaranteeing high quality learning for everyone.


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May 2020

About the innovation

What is ecosiSTEAM?

ecosiSTEAM is a joint collaboration between Harvard University’s Regional Office – with the support of the United States Embassy in Chile – and a team of prominent experts in education, innovation and STEAM.

The ecosiSTEAM team shares their work among experts in Santiago and Boston who are developing the first stage of efficiently transferring powerful models and theoretical frameworks to Chile. We provide visibility and promote the work of organizations and institutions that share educational principles focused on students and real-world learning, as well as learning by doing, learning with others, and learning to be.

How we do this?

Our goal is to generate innovative, illustrating examples that guide the system towards the development of a new approach that promotes the creation of key skills and abilities that students will need to live and work in the XXI century.

We believe the STEAM approach has the potential to level the playing field and allow the educational system to offer greater inclusion and better chances for children and teens.

In order to achieve this, we focus all of our creativity and effort on developing a proposal with the potential of becoming an educational public policy for the entire country.


We make a contribution to public policies

ecosiSTEAM is framed under the needs that public policy has deemed relevant and urgent forChile.

In March, 2018, the United States-Chile Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) was created to strengthen the STI ecosystem between both countries through a more robust bilateral relationship, building trust on the basis of scientific diplomacy.

The ecosiSTEAM ecosystem

One of the pillars of the ecosiSTEAM project is activating an ecosystem of leading organizations that promote and implement approaches that use learning models that allow for a streamlined development of new STEAM skills and abilities to enhance the creative and innovative capacities of Chile’s youth and ensure their full participation and inclusion in the challenges of the XXI century. In order to achieve our goal, we organize activities that foster the exchange of ideas between institutions, experts and leaders in the fields of education, culture, science, philanthropy, innovation and creativity.

  • Innovation

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Entrepreneurship


New contributions during covid-19

During March 2020 Ecosisteam developed a new digital tool named"Aprendo En Casa"to connect organizations and promote global collaboration. This is a pioneering collaborative initiative that seeks to support the educational communities in Latin America with content, resources, guidance in digital formats, for the development of digital learning in the areas of science, technology, arts, and others.


Spread of the innovation

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