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EarlyWorks Experience

"Real World, Real Learning"

EarlyWorks Experience takes preschool education beyond the classroom by immersing children in real working environments. This innovative approach lets young learners explore different professions, stimulating curiosity and making learning engaging.


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Target group
June 2024
Through EarlyWorks Experience, we hope to see education become more interactive and practical, moving beyond traditional classroom settings. We aim to inspire curiosity, broaden horizons, and foster a love for learning in children. By exposing them to real-world environments, we envision students developing a deeper understanding of various professions.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We created EarlyWorks Experience to address the need for more engaging and practical learning in preschool education. Traditional classroom settings often fail to stimulate curiosity and real-world understanding. By immersing children in real working environments, we aim to inspire future aspirations, broaden horizons, and enhance their overall educational journey.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In practice, EarlyWorks Experience transforms preschool education by taking children on guided visits to various workplaces, such as farms, bakeries, fire stations, and offices. Each visit is carefully planned to be age-appropriate, interactive, and educational. Children engage in hands-on activities, observe professionals at work, and participate in discussions about different careers. Teachers prepare pre-visit lessons to introduce the workplace and post-visit activities to reinforce learning. The program includes a variety of roles to expose children to diverse fields, fostering curiosity and a broad understanding of the world. Safety is a priority, with all visits conducted in secure, child-friendly environments. Parents are encouraged to participate, enhancing the community feel and providing additional support. This practical approach not only makes learning more engaging but also helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How has it been spreading?

EarlyWorks Experience has been spreading rapidly due to its innovative approach and positive outcomes. Word-of-mouth from enthusiastic parents and teachers has played a significant role, as they've seen firsthand the program's impact on children's curiosity and learning. Social media campaigns, community events, and partnerships with local businesses and schools have further amplified its reach. Testimonials and success stories shared through these channels have attracted interest and support from educators and parents alike.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To try EarlyWorks Experience and become a YelaoShr® collaborator, simply contact us to express your interest. We'll provide you with detailed information, training, and support to implement the program. Join us in revolutionizing preschool education with immersive, real-world learning experiences. Reach out today to get started and make a meaningful impact on young learners' lives!

Implementation steps

Initial Planning and Training
Contact YelaoShr® to express interest and become a collaborator. Attend training sessions provided by YelaoShr® to understand the program's objectives, safety protocols, and educational strategies.
Identify and Partner with Local Workplaces
Reach out to various local businesses and workplaces willing to participate, such as farms, bakeries, fire stations, and offices. Establish partnerships and schedule visits, ensuring each site is child-friendly and safe.
Prepare Pre-Visit Lessons
Develop lesson plans to introduce children to the workplace they will visit. Include activities, stories, and discussions to familiarize them with the roles and responsibilities of professionals in that field.
Conduct Visits and Activities
Take children on guided visits to the selected workplaces. Ensure hands-on activities and interactive sessions where children can observe, ask questions, and participate in simple tasks.
Post-Visit Reinforcement
Conduct follow-up activities to reinforce what the children learned during their visits. Use discussions, drawing activities, role-playing, and other engaging methods to help children reflect on their experiences and solidify their understanding.

Spread of the innovation

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