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Early Lingo

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Being bilingual makes a world of difference.

Early Lingo is the global language learning system for children ages 3-9. Currently available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, English and Mandarin Chinese, Early Lingo uses the total immersion method for a fun, interactive and engaging educational experience.


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January 2020
While children are at a young age and so receptive to new language development, Early Lingo is a terrific and creative way to stimulate the young brain.

About the innovation

What we're all about!

The Early Lingo Language Series App was created to give children a solid foundation in a world language. Children learn best through play, and by following characters, Jojo and Lulu, they unlock the power of language through fun, engaging and interactive lessons, games, videos and flashcards. The Language Series App blends education and gaming, giving kids a playful experience where they discover a new language through a series of exciting adventures.   

When children learn another language, they also connect to that culture. Becoming multilingual and being culturally competent is critical for our future generations as we’re living in an increasingly interconnected world. Global citizens must be able to navigate the diverse communities of our Planet. Bilingual children experience incredible lifelong benefits, from cognitive to social to health. Crucial executive functioning skills such as multitasking, mental flexibility, better memory, visual-spacial and enriched cognitive control are all enhanced by bilingualism. Children experience better and more interpersonal relationships and will have better future brain health. 

Once downloaded from the Apple App Store, the App can be used anytime and anywhere - in a plane, train, automobile, in school at home or even in the waiting room of a doctor’s office! Through repetition and interactive lessons, children who consistently use the program will gain a solid foundation in the target language. 

The Early Lingo Learning System was developed to give children an entertaining yet educational experience solid foundation in a world language. 

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