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Ubongo is Africa's leading producer of kids' edutainment.


As a non-profit social enterprise we create fun, localised and multi-platform educational content that helps kids learn, and leverage their learning to change their lives. We reach millions of families across Africa through accessible technologies like TV, radio and mobile phones.

What is Ubongo ?

What we do?

As Africa's leading edutainment company, we create fun, localised and multi-platform educational media that reaches millions of families through accessible technologies. Our programs significantly improve school readiness and learning outcomes for kids, and also promote social and behavioural change for kids, caregivers and educators.

Why we do it?

Human-Centered Research

We believe that the best way to develop effective content, products and services is to design WITH the user. Our in-house user-testing team conducts research, focus groups, and prototypes ideas with kids (our core audience), in order to craft content that is relatable and meets their needs.

Content Co-Creation

We produce localised and engaging video (animation and live action), music, audio drama and print materials, as well as interactive content that communicates powerful messages to kids, caregivers, and educators. Our multilingual team based in Dar es Salaam includes writers, animators, musicians and producers, all of whom are trained to effectively teach and communicate messaging while creating top quality entertainment.

Distribution to Millions

Over 6.4 million households watch or listen to our edutainment programs each week in East Africa alone. We have daily TV and weekly radio airtime on TBC in Tanzania, as well as weekly slots on the most viewed TV stations in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. We’re continuously investing in scaling our distribution across both geographies and channels, including radio, TV, mobile and print.

Impact Evaluation

We are a research-driven organisation and assess impact continuously. We track viewership and listenership for all programs, conduct focus groups, collect user feedback digitally and also do experimental research to rigorously evaluate effects. From mobile surveys to randomised control trials and longitudinal studies, we work with partners to design and implement research that enables us to learn and improve quickly.


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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
11 800 000
Tips for implementation
With our shows available in 6 languages, you can easily access our content and get started! Our main platforms are TV and radio. You can also access our content on Youtube as well.
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