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Discovering New Artists (DNA)

Building a community of thoughtful learners and creative young social changemakers through arts

DNA is a youth-led social enterprise that provides an innovative space for children to utilize their strengths, discover their identities, find meaning in the community and explore the world connections through the process of art and design. It creates creative learning opportunities integrated into arts and design for students from both private and low-income sectors through its one for one model

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August 2022
“I believe art has the power to make a collective positive change in this world through children's lens who are our future - and the future is now".

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Art has always been considered an extra subject in Pakistan, until recently that arts and music subjects have been completely eliminated from the education sector that has risked the creative process involved in quality learning in Pakistan. The mere realization that art is associated with gains in STEM education, cognitive ability, critical thinking, confidence, and teamwork has initiated DNA.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Discovering New Artists (DNA) through its flagship project Art for Change and The Art for Change Atelier provides equal access to arts education for all. These projects not only bridge the gap between the marginalized children and those that have greater access to education and resources but also enable these young learners of 4-18 years of age from all economic backgrounds to develop creativity, open-mindedness, and confidence to present solutions to SDGs and global issues through their arts. DNA uses modern art influences from international and Pakistani artists from various eras to bring value education and inclusion into one platform using arts and digital learning methods along with promoting solutions to SDGs through artworks made by students. It has also allowed thousands of students an opportunity to showcase their out-of-the-box thinking and creative abilities through their art to thousands of exhibition attendees locally and internationally through multiple exhibitions.

How has it been spreading?

DNA has promoted arts education which was once considered to be an extra subject by the majority of parents in Pakistan and was not given importance in the development of children. DNA has educated more than 129,948 students on various social and global issues and enabled more than 64,748 children and youth to directly participate in its programmes. DNA aims to reach 500,000 students and youth by 2025, educating them about social and global issues through arts and STEM education.

One of our co-founders received prestigious awards;

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Our one-for-one model is very easy to replicate and DNA has recently launched a student ambassador programme and global partner programme to invite other countries to adopt our model. We are inviting applications by invite only at the moment to accept partnerships. If any organisation wants to start replicating the innovation, please feel free to email us at

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

The project has more than 100 000 children involved and definitely could be scaled in other countries, involving artists from other countries.

The impact of the arts on learning is a strong, research-based approach that provides young people with boundless possibility. This innovation's focus on the arts is admirable and important.

- Academy member
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