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Bringing Communities Together

Community movements that have captured our hearts and uplifted our spirit!

Kindness and community spirit prevails! The following movements show that despite the circumstances, morale remains high and students, teachers and parents alike are coming together to support one another regardless of physical distance. From art displays in windows to no contact scavenger hunts, these activities highlight that we are in this together & keep up the good spirit.

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April 2020

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How to Connect with your Community During Self-Isolation

Keeping the spirits high and the community united! The following movements are examples of communities coming together to keep the positivity high with the message that everything will be okay and we are here to support each other. For teachers, parents and students, these ideas can inspire your community.


In Spain there is a movement called#frommywindow, where students are displaying their artwork in their windows at home. This way, when children take walks they are able to see the artwork of their neighbourhood friends and keep up the good spirit! The message behind the craft is everything will be okay.


Bear Hunt

New Zealand has declared a nationwideBear Hunt, in order to combat loneliness and keep children occupied during the time of isolation. Inspiration behind the activity comes from the popular children's bookWe’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosenhildren.

The motto behind the book- We're not scared.

Across the country, children, young people and even the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, confirmed she too had placed a teddy in the front window of Premier House in Wellington. Credit goes out to Annelee Scott, the organiser behind the Bear Hunt in New Zealand.

See one example below! Where will we find the next bear?


Teddy bears ‘fish’ in Dunedin, New Zealand. Photograph: Jiavra Cohen

Retrieved from:


MEGAPROFS is an inspiring solidarity project led by Manuel Pérez, that started with a group of 15 teachers in the city of Dos Hermanas in Seville to offer additional support to students in need. The project has been incredibly successful with increasing demands to participate from volunteer teachers and students alike.

To participate you can use WhatsApp: 660 124 865 or by


Decorating Houses

Children have let their creative spirits run wild by painting and decorating houses made by a local artisan that are then entered into a contest for a prize. This initiative was received from the Education and Sports Council of Junta de Andalucia.


Other examples include ano contact scavenger huntin Chicago and balcony singing and dancing sessions held around the world like thisdance partyin Vancouver.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

During a time of physical distancing, community spirit is much needed to keep up the positivity and continue to focus on working together collectively to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. These community driven movements are fun ways to engage children as well as innovative ways to connect with our neighbours.

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