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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Leading institution in creative education via architecture and design for children in the world.

Arkki - Creative Education for Future Innovators

Arkki International, Helsinki, Finland
Arkki provides creative education using architecture & design as holistic real-world phenomena to integrate STEAM subjects. Arkki empowers pupils with innovation skills through hands-on learning made fun and rewarding. Through project work pupils learn design thinking, critical thinking and complex problem-solving. Arkki ́s awarded program is certified by The Finnish Ministry of Education.

Arkki program develops Innovation Skills

“"I have learnt skills that I can apply in all fields of life" "Arkki project based learning teaches us creative problem solving skills." ”

Joosua Kuusela, Arkki pupil, 18 years, Finland

Since architecture is intrinsically interdisciplinary, creative education through architecture is an exceptional discipline to develop key competencies like the “5C´s” – complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. 

Arkki program fosters design thinking and enhances the essential higher-order thinking skills needed for the future world of work.  Arkki´s exceptional pedagogical concepts inspire children to learn playfully through cross-curricular, phenomenon-based and hands-on 3D experimentation projects. Play, Create, Succeed is Arkki´s motto.

Architecture offers endless possibilities in being the big A in STEAM education and holistically intertwining science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts through Architecture. Arkki pedagogical program develops three dimensional and design thinking skills and evokes the imagination and creativity in children and youth. 

Arkki´s creative education gives children new capacities, means and mediums to influence the creation of our future environment, no matter what their occupation will be. 

The program has been developed by Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth in Finland during 26 years, and can be licensed through Arkki International.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
25 000
1 232
Tips for implementation
Passion for creative education and providing the youth with the necesary 21st century skills. Experience in education business Adequate resources to start, develop and scale the operations.
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“Children Innovate” project wins UNICEF CFCI Inspire Awards 2019
Arkki's shortlisted for the UNICEF CFCI Inspire Awards
Creating the Future III International Conference on Creative Education, Helsinki (10-11.11.2019)
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Prepare Pedagogical Environment
Prepare the local Arkki center with furnishing, working tools and materials.
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Arkki orientatation training and self study
After signing the contract, the local personnel will be provided with working manuals and self learning material in our eArkki learning platform.
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