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A leading institution in creative education via architecture and design for children in the world.

Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth where pupils learn general innovation skills through architecture. Our mission is to equip and nurture the new generation with a creative mindset and innovation skills needed into and beyond the 21st century. In 27 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 25,000 children in more than 50 countries.

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June 2019
I have learnt skills that I can apply in all fields of life. Arkki project-based learning teaches us creative problem-solving skills.

About the innovation

Arkki program develops Innovation Skills

Arkki provides creative education using architecture & design as holistic real-world phenomena to integrate STEAM subjects.

Arkki empowers pupils with innovation skills through hands-on learning made fun and rewarding.

Since architecture is intrinsically interdisciplinary, creative education through architecture is an exceptional discipline to develop key competencies like the “5C´s” – complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Arkki program fosters design thinking and enhances the essential higher-order thinking skills needed for the future world of work. Arkki´s exceptional pedagogical concepts inspire children to learn playfully through cross-curricular, phenomenon-based, and hands-on 3D experimentation projects. Play, Create, Succeed is Arkki´s motto.

Architecture offers endless possibilities in being the big A in STEAM education and holistically intertwining science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts through Architecture. Arkki pedagogical program develops three dimensional and design thinking skills and evokes the imagination and creativity in children and youth.

Arkki´s creative education gives children new capacities, means, and mediums to influence the creation of our future environment, no matter what their occupation will be.

The program has been developed by Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth in Finland for 26 years and can be licensed through Arkki International. Arkki ‘s awarded program is certified by The Finnish Ministry of Education.

In addition to the long-term program, Arkki also offers workshops, camps, educational visits, social innovation projects and collaborates with international organizations.

Arkki International has received multiple awards and nominations. It was shortlisted for the prestigious WISE 2020 awards for its impactful and innovative approach to education and won the UNICEF CFCI2019 Inspire Award in the category "Meaningful Child Participation".

During COVID lockdown, Arkki wanted to do its part by launching and adapting for home use a selection of free creative Arkki@home hands-on online projects to support curiosity, creativity, and innovation. The projects are available in 8 languages and have impacted children from 43 countries.

 Arkki has developed as well English Creative Classroom, a complete pedagogical program on creativity for schools to enhance 21st-century skills such as creative thinking.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Arkki provides an avenue for students not just as creators, or designers but as developers and builders. It gives students a broader perspective in practicing their creativity. Arkki has a huge potential to implements its innovative pedagogy on a global scale to help countries develop future workers and leaders with the necessary 21st century skills.

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This project gives wings to imagination and creativity helping them apply 21st century skills.
Have visited their space and they have some of the coolest workshops and engagements lined up for the kids to fuel creativity and an innovation mindset.
- Academy member
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High Impact
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Arkki Creative Education via architecture is now available in 11 countries! Starting in September 2023, Arkki´s program will be available in Budapest and the aim is to expand to other regions in the country. The first taste of Arkki was a workshop “Tailor You City" and a lecture by Meskanen/CEO at KÉK, the Center for Contemporary Architecture as part of the ArchiKids 2023 Festival in Budapest.
Arkki International received the first-ever Inspire Future Generations Award (IFG) in the category of Most Innovative Organization by Thornton Education Trust (UK) 2021. "Arkki is a world-renowned pioneer, and everyone in the field of architecture education knows the fantastic work of Arkki," says Victoria Thornton. The award recognizes best practices in the field of built environment education.
Arkki in Turkey
Arkki International partnered with the Turkey Design Council to provide Arkki educational programs in the region.  The main objective of this collaboration is to bring the awarded Arkki programs from Finland to empower Turkish children with the most essential 21st-century skills – like creativity, complex problem solving, and critical thinking. The collaboration will start with Arkki’s creative workshops in Istanbul in Autumn 2020. In the coming months, Turkey Design Council aims to broaden the scope of Arkki offering and to also provide long-term programs starting from spring 2021. After Istanbul, they aim to expand to other regions in the country. “We are so excited to bring Arkki – creative education ecosystem into Turkey as its partner. Turkey Design Council has focused on design education at an early age since it was founded. As the Council, we are proud to provide platforms to support our children to develop their 21st-century skills with Arkki education programs. Design education cultivates alternative thinking and complex problem-solving capabilities which are instrumental for every discipline and occupation in the modern world. We believe this collaboration will help us foster these capabilities in the young generation which will shape the future of Turkey. “ says Mehmet Kalyoncu Board Chairman of the Turkey design council. 
Future U social innovation challenge: solutions from children to children
The first edition of FutureU, the social innovation challenge initiated by Arkki in Vietnam, recently ended. Children presented the solutions they had designed for children’s real-world problems. In total 42 teams from 4 cities participated. 15 of the solutions reached the product testing round, 5 teams were invited to pitch at TECHFEST 2020 and 2 teams managed to commercialize their product. Future U engages students in addressing real-world challenges and nurtures their innovation & 21st-century skills.  The project involves students in initiating and leading real projects addressing social challenges from zero to commercialization. Children build an entrepreneurial mindset and develop innovations skills. The program fosters social responsibility and cultural awareness while developing self-esteem and lifelong learning skills. Tackling environmental, mental health, and sexual harassment problems among others One of the projects that made it to the commercialization phase was the book “Trash Monster Disappear”. It aims to educate children on environmental issues. “I had many exciting experiences and met great people. Let’s be a CHANGEMAKER, let’s dare to think and take action, dare to dream, and make changes! Duong Quynh Huong, P.O.P Team Leader. Grade 9, Dinh Thien Ly Secondary & Highschool FutureU 2020 AlumniOne innovation that received content and promotion support from UNICEF Vietnam and local experts was a mobile game educating children on sexual harassment and its prevention. Now it is in the testing phase to improve the user interface with teachers and students. A group of students found that it was time to address mental health awareness from a different perspective. They designed Art therapy workshops to build mental health awareness among students. The project continues in its testing phase with users and is being mentored by mental health experts. “We learned to communicate more effectively, present our ideas and get along with different personalities. It’s such a real experience working in real-life situations that none of my teammates have had before.” Nguyen Cao Nhan P.O.P Team (Grade 9)Future U 2021 registration is open  The registration will be open until October 25th in this link https://en.futureu.asia/More information about Arkki social innovations hereFUTURE-U 2020 in Numbers:» 42 Teams from 4 Cities» 20+ Fieldtrips» 300+ Interviews» 4000+ Survey Results5 Teams reaching the final phase: » US $6,500 crowd-funded » 15+ product testing rounds» 5 teams invited to pitch at TECHFEST 2020» 2 teams with commercialized products
20 years of Social Innovation programs involving children
WHAT IF WE GAVE THE CHANCE TO ALL CHILDREN TO MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD?For 20 years, Arkki has carried out dozens of social innovation and participatory planning projects involving children. Arkki has partnered with local authorities such as the Thai Parliament,  Helsinki city, or HCMC Department of Planning and Architecture and international organizations, such as Save the Children or UNICEF among others. These projects have been recognized internationally and in 2019 Arkki’s children Social Innovation project Children Innovate won UNICEF CFCI AWARD. Children Innovate project was one of the 6 chosen initiatives out of 226 social innovation projects submitted worldwide. “Almost everywhere in the world, the design process is undertaken by adults, while the end-users are often children, such is the case in parks, public areas, and schools. Children Innovate: Smart and Child-Friendly Cities creates an environment for children to express their opinions and influence decisions that affect them, so that a safe, secure and clean environment, taking into account children’s perspectives, may be provided by urban planning experts and decision-makers” Marianne Oehlers, Chief of Programme Partnerships Office UNICEF Viet Nam.
Arkki social innovation project in Thailand Students at Yothin Burana participated in Arkki Urban Design Camp to redesign Bang Pho Pier, which was sunk and needs renovation.  Given different requirements from several stakeholders in the community (Temple, Police Station, Local Residence, Schools), the students proposed 3 designs to the Members of Parliament to take into consideration for renovation. Their voices are heard by the authorized people.
Arkki Hut Building program. Educating in the nature for 26 years
Hut building programs by ArkkiHut building workshops and theme courses are one of the most popular Arkki programs and initiate the participants to the building traditions of different nations and cultures. The actual architectural constructions are built in a 1:1 scale. Learning by doing an inhuman scale learning and caring about our natural environment is both fun and rewarding. 
Arkki workshops
Arkki educational visitsArkki receives every year thousands of international professional visitors, pupils, families, and corporate groups interested in its wide range of workshops, camps, courses, the long term creative education, and team building-sessions at Arkki Finland school, located in the center of Helsinki. In 2019 Arkki International professional programs were selected as an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” by a jury consisting of experts from Visit Finland and the Finnish National Agency for Education. Our programs were evaluated based on their attractiveness, authenticity, uniqueness, adaptability, educational content, and sustainability.More information at https://www.arkki.com/educational-visits/
Creative Classroom powered by Arkki
Arkki International has created Creative Classroom, a complete pedagogical program on creativity for schools. The program is based on 26 years of know-how in the field of phenomenon-based, creative learning, and curriculum development. The Pedagogical toolkit is designed by experts in Finland and is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum of Basic Education. Creativity is the highest skill of the human brain and has been recently recognized by OECD as a new PISA test key subject. Creativity can be taught but there is still a resource gap in most schools and education systems. “We, educators, need to focus on the skills and qualities specific to humans, like creativity and critical thinking, which machines and AI lack. Creative Classroom has the tools to incorporate them into the school curriculum. “ says Pihla Meskanen; CEO of Arkki International Creative Classroom uses architecture & design as cross-curricular & real-world phenomena and integrates different subjects. The multidisciplinary contents support the learners’ development of creativity and other essential 21st-century skills and competencies such as problem‑solving and critical thinking skills. The program includes training toolkit and methodology for teachers and ready-to-use phenomenal K12 project plans for schools. They include 24 hours per phenomenon, with 2 phenomena per grade and step by step instructions. Creative Classroom will be available for schools and professionals worldwide from August 2020. More information at creative classroom learning platform or contact hello@arkki.com 
During lockdown arkki@home free projects are inspiring children from around the world to ideate the future of cities and homes.
During the COVIDcrisis, Arkki launched and adapted for home use a selection of free creative Arkki@home online hands-on projects to support curiosity, creativity, and innovation. The projects have impacted children from 43 countries and are available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Czech, Vietnamese, and Finnish.The projects designed by experts in Finland have inspired future problem solvers and innovators from Japan, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Thailand, Qatar… to ideate the future of their built environment. It’s fascinating to see the houses and cities children are creating for their communities, or favorite Pokémons and pets during the lockdown. Some schools and kindergartens such as Learning Live in Temuco, Chile sent us their amazing works. We want to see more projects from children around the world Arkki@home projects show a small glimpse of what Arkki creative education is about. Arkki provides creative education via architecture and design. In Arkki classes, pupils are guided by professional architects and engage hands-on in small peer groups continuously important 21st-century skills for the future. Arkki´s awarded creative education long-term program is approved by the Finnish Ministry of education and consists of c.1500 hours of education for 4 to 19-year-old children.Download the free Arkki@home projects here:www.earkki.arkki.com 
“Children Innovate” project wins UNICEF CFCI Inspire Awards 2019
Arkki’s project in Vietnam won the UNICEF CFCI 2019 Inspire Award in the category “Meaningful Child Participation”. Children Innovate project was one of the 6 chosen initiatives out of 226 social innovation projects submitted worldwide. 300 children participated in an urban planning project carried out with Arkki Vietnam, in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture and Saigon Innovation Hub (part of HCMC Department of Science & Technology).   From 226 submissions from all over the world, the project “Children Innovate” successfully became a Category Champion of “Meaningful Child Participation” – and was honored in CFCI Inspire Awards at the Unicef Child-Friendly Cities Summit in Cologne, Germany on 17th October 2019. The project was reviewed by 25 experts and voted by the worldwide community to rank first in the category of Meaningful Child Participation. “With this program, UNICEF is proud to demonstrate the importance of children’s participation and their ability to inform us, adults, what a smart and child-friendly city could look like when children are encouraged to express themselves,” Ms. Marianne Oehlers, Chief of Programme Partnerships Office UNICEF Viet Nam. “Children Innovate” was a participation program co-organized by Arkki Finland, Arkki Vietnam, UNICEF ​​Vietnam, Saigon Innovation Hub, and the Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. The aim of the project was to provide children with knowledge and understanding about urban planning as well as tools to express their ideas. The aim was also to promote more inclusive and participatory decision making and planning processes. “We highly appreciate this program, as it has educated on space awareness and urban planning, and supports children to experience the role and responsibility of urban planning experts through drawing and the model’ development. This creative and educational program is suitable for the Ho Chi Minh City context and should be replicated in other urban settings in Viet Nam” Mr. Nguyen Hong Van, Chief of Office, HCM City’s Department of Planning and Architecture. In the summer of 2018, 300 young people between ages 8-14 joined the 5-day summer courses with the guidance from Arkki teachers, to work in a collaboration project developing ideas, making 3D prototypes & 3D designs for a VR -Virtual Reality-platform. The participants then presented their ideas of the smart & child-friendly city model to city leaders and the public. The enthusiastic presentation of the team of Vietnamese children demonstrated their creativity and deep understanding of global problems. This achievement reminds us that children have huge potential. “This is an amazing project for children. It gives the participating children an important experience and understanding of a real-world design process, a unique experience of involvement, and inspires them to look at the built environment in a new way.” Ms. Pihla Meskanen, CEO of Arkki International. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOUXJ93wIe4&t=5s
Arkki's shortlisted for the UNICEF CFCI Inspire Awards
Arkki’s Children Innovate Program is one of the TOP20 globally Meaningful Child-Participation in UNICEF's CFCI Inspire Awards 2019. The initiative was shortlisted more than 200 applications. This award celebrates good, innovative and inspiring solutions or projects that foster child rights and improve daily lives of children and youth at the local level. Get to know  VIETNAM, HO CHI MINH CITY Children Innovate project and vote here: https://childfriendlycities.org/2019-summit/vote/.
Creating the Future III International Conference on Creative Education, Helsinki (10-11.11.2019)
Arkki organizes Creating the Future III the that takes place every 5 years and gathers some of the most renowned experts on creative education via architecture and design around the world. Access to the newest innovations Meet and network with the most respected voices in the field Concrete examples on creative education projects from around the world Conference materials available for attendants and opportunity to submit their work Two full days of hands-on workshops and inspiring talks about the latest international innovations on architecture education with hundreds of participants. Day 1 (Nov, 10) Pedagogical workshops at Annantalo Day 2 (Nov, 11) Seminar at Biorex
Arkki Creative Education from Finland
What do pupils learn in Arkki?
My Dream Playground Workshop
Arkki hut building camp

Implementation steps

Sign NDA

Sign NDA to receive more detailed information about Arkki licensing program. After that you will receive all necessary information in detail to make plans to start Arkki programs in your own country.

Plan and Contract
First we will develop a business plan according to the questions/guidelines provided by Arkki International. We will also share a financial business plan template to facilitate the process.
Hire local Arkki Staff
In the Management manual, you will find instructions and job description templates to hire suitable staff. In Arkki concept, the facilitators are architects, with a minimum of Bachelor degree in architecture.
Prepare Pedagogical Environment

The local management team is in charge of renting suitable premises and preparing them according to Arkki pedagogical environment guidelines. Also sourcing working tools and materials shall be done prior to on-site trainings and launch. 

Arkki orientatation training and self study

After signing the contract and executing preparations, we will start the trainings for the management team, facilitator team and marketing team. Self study will be done in eArkki learning platform before the Orientation training conducted in your country. 

Marketing and Launch

The local management and marketing team will plan and schedule the launch with the help and guidance of Arkki International. The local team will be responsible for localising the and implementing the marketing according to the guidelines. 

Opening of Arkki Center

After the big launching event, you will be ready to run the selected programs / modules / theme courses that your facilitators have been trained for.

Spread of the innovation

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