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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Age-appropriate and medically-accurate sexual health videos for adolescents ages 10-14.

United States is an initiative that provides comprehensive, age-appropriate, and medically-accurate sexual health videos for adolescents ages 10-14, along with resources for educators and parents. As of July 2020 our videos have received over 40 million views on our YouTube channel since was launched in September of 2016. AMAZE videos have been translated/adapted in more than 23 countries.


“I love these, I didn't even know about the patch! P.S. My sex Ed teacher shows your videos.”


Amaze is a free, video-based sexual health resource for youth ages 10-14 designed to provide honest, accurate information directly where they are - online. Through short, professionally created animated videos, Amaze seeks to empower young people to attain the information that is often overly censored in their schools. Using research to inform the content, platform, delivery, messaging and framing of sexual health for very young adolescents , Amaze has pioneered a strategy to educate young people directly, giving them what they deserve - honest, accurate sexual health information.

The Amaze project is grounded in research on the sexual health needs of very young adolescents, informed by focus groups with this demographic and evolves based on their feedback, thus honoring their experiences and perspectives. Amaze seeks to shift the social norm about adolescent sexual health to one in which people are understood to be sexual from birth to death and affirms the key milestones of typical adolescent sexual development with a focus on youth ages 10-14. Various observational studies have demonstrated that videos can be powerful instruments for education. With over 90 engaging and high quality videos released to-date and as many translated and/or adapted videos available across more than 23 countries, research has shown videos can be a powerful way to educate young adolescents with critical information about puberty, body image, healthy relationships and other sexual health topics.

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Innovation Overview
10 - 14
Age Group
155 000
4 095
Tips for implementation
Anyone with access to the internet can view the AMAZE videos on our U.S. YouTube channel AMAZEOrg; Latin America YouTube channel Amaze en español; East and Southern Africa YouTube channel AMAZE.Africa or access our videos and additional resources on,, and
Contact information
HundrED Review

AMAZE is harnessing the power of digital media to provide children, adolescents, their parents and educators with medically accurate, affirming, and honest sexual health information along with free, engaging resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere — regardless of where they live or what school they attend.


AMAZE's content is freely available to young people, parents and educators; reaching thousands globally.


AMAZE is expanding internationally, with numerous videos being dubbed into Spanish and subtitled in up to 30 languages with corresponding information on the AMAZE website. AMAZE is also working with partners in Mexico, Columbia and South Africa to culturally adapt content, as well as engaging with a number of groups from several countries that have expressed interest in using or translating videos.


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