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The aeioTU Educational Experience is a pedagogical curriculum developed to promote children to be creative and competent citizens of society

aeioTU Educational Experience

The aeioTU Educational Experience is an innovative pedagogical curriculum aiming to develop the full potential of children under five, so that they can develop the skills necessary to change the course of their lives. Inspired in the Reggio Emilia Approach, it´s center is the child and the learning process through art and play. It has measurable results and promotes community transformation.

What is aeioTU Educational Experience?

Ellen Frede, Senior Co-director, National Institute for Early Education Research
“"The aeioTU Curriculum is an enormous contribution to early learning that, to my knowledge, does not exist anywhere else in the region. It is truly a resuource for the world" ”

Ellen Frede, Senior Co-director, National Institute for Early Education Research

What we do?

aeioTU provides high quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) services at aeioTU centers and accompanies other ECD centers and educators to improve their knowledge and experience. Furthermore, we mobilize multisectoral groups to diagnose and prioritize strategies for ECD.

Why we do it?

We want to increase quality in ECD services in Colombia, promoting new generations with better development and social commitment, and thus transforming our communities through the empowerment of its children.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
Building on our 10 year history we decided to expand the impact of the aeioTU Educational Experience and reach more children and communities by sharing our knowledge and learnings with others. We offer professional development solutions that change teachers´educational paradigms.

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Transform communities by empowering children
Meaningful play promotes the development of children
Sharing - Accompanying others to strengthen their knowledge and experience


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