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Tool that combines both theory and learning by doing for delivering entrepreneurship education.

A Year as an Entrepreneur - the JA Company Program

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The program provides an educational institution a ready-made solution for teaching entrepreneurship, financial and working life skills and a fun and practical tool for students to learn. In the program students set up a student company (JA company) that operates with real money. This is supported by online learning platform for theory parts of the program.
In the JA Company Program students can put their ideas into practice and learn the skills needed in working life through learning-by-doing that is supported by online learning material.

Virpi Utriainen, CEO, Junior Achievement Finland


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Updated on May 17th, 2022
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Tool that combines theory and learning by doing

The Junior Achievement's Company Program offers students from upper levels of comprehensive school up to university the opportunity to learn how to turn a business idea into reality. The program provides teachers with practical material on business, economics and entrepreneurship activities. It is a great way to help students succeed in a global economy.

By challenging the students to launch and run their own business, the JA Company Program unleashes their entrepreneurial spirit. Students experience running their own company and discover first-hand how a company functions as well as gain insight into how their talents could be used further in working life.

The aim of the JA Company Program is to enable students to start their own real-life business and discover how a company functions in a learning-by-doing environment.

In addition to the learning-by-doing, the program is supported by an online learning environment created by Junior Achievement Finland. Learning environment currently has 22 different modules covering different parts of business development, entrepreneurship and finance. All these support students in running their JA company as well as giving them skills and competences for future. 

Teacher's role in the program is to be the facilitator of learning and enabler of learning experiences. JA Finland has developed ready-made material for teacher to use in the classroom.

JA Company Program and all of its material are available in three languages in Finland: Finnish, Swedish and English.

Junior Achievement Finland is a part of the global Junior Achievement network, which is one of the largest providers of education programs for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy, reaching over 10 million students in over 100 countries. The JA Company Program is a Junior Achievement’s program.


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The model aims to turn ideas into practice by teaching valuable entrepreneurial skills.


Students learn multidisciplinary professional skills and skills needed in the future.


A Year as an Entrepreneur is an open program for everyone. Participation requires merely the institution's decision to begin the program.


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Finland 100
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Program material available in Finnish, Swedish and English
August 2019
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June 2019
Program available from comprehensive school up to university
May 2019
June 2017
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Get inspired and plan a JA Company Program for your school!
Would you like to inspire and challenge your students in creating their own companies based on their own ideas?
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The program steps
Below are some guidelines that will give you an overall idea on how the steps generally are structured in an entrepreneurial program such as the JA Company Program.
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Online learning environment supporting theory learning
JA Finland has built an online learning environment to support the theory learning in the program. Environment currently has 22 learning modules and they are available in Finnish, English and Swedish.
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Participating in competitions and events
JA Company Program companies can participate in numerous local and global competitions that are organized annually. At the competitions students will be able to showcase their products and companies in a variety of ways.
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Contact your local JA Company Program providers
If you wish to implement the JA Company Program in your school outside Finland, please contact your local Junior Achievement organization.
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