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A.W.A.K.E.N. : An integrated fun based learning Program using easily available low cost materials and Multiple intelligence approach.

A.W.A.K.E.N -Stands for -Acquire,Work on it, Assimilate,Knowledge,Engage,New Skills. The program uses low cost daily use materials to facilitate learning in multiple ways to suit learning requirements of a child. It focuses on solving resource crunch faced by teachers /facilitators who can bring out effective learning for Holistic development using these easy to use materials & strategies.


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August 2021
"Our Greatest natural resource is the minds of our children"-Walt Disney

About the innovation


Our Mission is to bring out the best in every child by identifying their inherent learning potential and designing activities,curriculum,strategies,products to facilitate learning in multiple ways. As every child is born with infinite potential, skills & talents which blossom with skillful recognition & nurturing to bring out all round development in children .The program is carried outin a playful,hands on learning manner & using Multiple intelligence based strategies thus making it stress free ,enjoyable & engaging.Many life skills,concepts are learnt in multiple ways through easily available materials thus making learning more connective & lifelong.

Why we do it

In many parts of India specially in rural area ,government aided schools there is lack of availability and accessibility of teaching resources including technology based new age teaching techniques.We observed that cost and implementation , no supportive training, inhibitions in using technology were some of the restrictive factors.Also we felt a gap in the way both teaching and learning is happening - structured teaching strategies, curriculum and lack of appropriate teaching materials were some of the other factors affecting learning.

Looking at this big picture -We felt the need to have teaching resources which are not only low cost but easily available,recyclable,and easy to use,making learning experiential ,engaging and joyful .

In addition nowadays we hear a lot of discussions on dependency of children on gadgets & technology. We felt a need to connect children with their surroundings,nature & take them back to Play. This contributes not only to their Physical development but also social, & emotional development.

Our innovations help teachers to use teaching aids & strategies to plan & work with children with special needs like those with ADHD , Borderline Autism & similar needs.

AWAKEN is not only about developing teaching aids & strategies,learning experiences but as name suggests its to Awaken -inherent potential , curiosity, explorations,imagination, try out new things & skills, strategise & so much more both for the children & teacher.

Spread of the innovation

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