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Besart Kunushevci

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Koonta is a miniature town within the school, where students learn real-life concepts through experiential learning.


Koonta - the most advanced education technology merges with hands-on, experiential learning to develop 21-century skills and by utilizing cutting edge AI algorithms provide advanced learning analytics to personalize learning for every student. Koonta is grounded on Finnish approach to education and pedagogy specifically the several challenges/games that K12 students can play!

Koonta - A Whole Town in Your School!

What we do?

Enabling students to learn in a fun and creative way while providing personalized learning plans for teachers for a more effective and efficient teaching process.

Why we do it?

The global education system has been directly affected from fast developments in technology urging the need for fundamental change to support continuous iteration and update of knowledge. In line with multilevel changes throughout the world, Finland has moved faster in tackling the need for a new kind of student and citizen through education and the way teachers teach and students learn. As a result, the seven transversal competences have been introduced as an essential part to achieve the goal for a new education system. The term transversal skills or competences is composed on the idea of combining knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and will. Koonta has been developed having the 7 Transversal Competences in mind and incorporates all of them throughout challenges and tasks students face within Koonta.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Tips for implementation
There are six steps for implementing Koonta. 1. School Onboarding (4 Questions) 2. AI Curriculum Generator (Automatic) 3. Virtual Environment (Automatic) 4. Inviting Students (Semi-Automatic) 5. Data Collection (Automatic) 6. Personalized Learning Plans (Automatic)
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Besart Kunushevci

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Koonta - A Whole Town in Your School!


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School Onboarding
The School Onboarding process is a very simple process for schools where we only request basic information such as curriculum type, school size, topics of interest, and time available for Koonta.
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AI Curriculum Generator
The AI Curriculum Generator combines roles, challenges, and tasks based on the school onboarding information.
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Game Data Collection
Koonta AI Evaluator continuously evaluates knowledge, personality, and potential career paths.
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