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Creative Classroom is an interdisciplinary phenomenon-based learning program for schools built upon the Finnish National Core curriculum.

Creative Classroom- Phenomenal learning from Finland

Helsinki, Finland
CC uses architecture & design as cross-curricular & real-world phenomena integrating subjects, enhancing creativity and supporting the development of 21st-century skills and competencies. CC provides teachers with ready-to-use interdisciplinary active learning contents of 24 h to be integrated easily into any school curriculum, plus online pedagogical toolkit and self-study to teach as in Finland

Creative Classroom teaches HOW to think - not WHAT to think

“In Maths we don’t usually use our craft skills or do any architecture stuff. This way of using Math skills is so much more fun. ”

4th-grade pupil, Helsinki

What is Creative Classroom?

Creative Classroom is a phenomenon-based learning program for schools. Through active, student-centered, hands-on, and 3D learning, pupils practice the necessary 21st-century skills, such as collaboration and creative thinking.

The program uses Architecture and Design as a real-life phenomenon, integrates different subjects and it is built upon the Finnish National Core Curriculum of Basic Education.  It is divided into age-specific learning units with fun active learning contents and project plans ready to use in class. In addition, teachers get a pedagogical toolkit, self-study materials, and certification to teach the content.

It provides the means to meet the PISA creative test and can be integrated easily into any school curriculum. Over the learning period, teachers can implement the program in multiple ways: intensively in one week, as per the Finnish Phenomenon- Based Learning week model, in weekly sessions of 2 hours, or monthly, in sessions of 6 hours.

Creativity Is the highest skill of the human brain

Development in technology is replacing jobs. Experts agree that it is no longer enough to learn facts, but we need to learn what to do with the facts. Education needs to focus on the most essential skills such as creative thinking

Creativity has been recognized by the OECD as a new PISA test key subject. Creativity CAN be taught and Creative Classroom fills the resource gap in the schools

From 2014–2017 Finland reformed the national core curricula. One of the main aims of this reform was to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society and a complex world.

The curriculum reform in Finland promotes an integrative approach to teaching and learning. The most important tools for this purpose are transversal competencies and multi-disciplinary learning modules.  Creative Classroom offers these cross-curricular learning units of 24 hours ready to teach at any school, anywhere. 

The program is developed by Arkki International, the renowned and awarded education company from Finland, and is based on 26 years of know-how in the field of phenomenon-based, creative learning and curriculum development. 

The program will be available in English for schools and professionals worldwide from August 2020.

In September 2020 will start its piloting and penetration in Latin America. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
1 000
Tips for implementation
Teachers need an internet connection and a computer or a tablet to go to and choose the learning unit. There they can get the self-study materials, complete the test, get certified, and start teaching their class with the step-by-step phenomenal project plans.
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