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Through Girl Rising's stories, students explore global issues around the right to education.

Girl Rising’s stories tell the true stories of girls around the world, and the barriers they face in their quest for an education – poverty, forced marriage, violence, trafficking, and bias. The films and companion resources help students understand human rights and social justice. They build understanding and empathy, and how they can be a force for change, individually and collectively.

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August 2023
Through Girl Rising, my 9th grade students have discovered their most powerful gift – their voice. They are now using their voice to create awareness and speak for those who cannot speak for them.

About the innovation

Why Girl Rising?

Girl Rising is about remarkable bravery in the face of daunting challenge. It is about connecting across cultures and continents.  It is about how we all can be part of change and making the world a better place. 

Girl Rising is a global non-profit that uses storytelling to raise awareness and ignite action so that girls everywhere are valued and educated. At the heart of our work, beginning with the original Girl Rising film, are powerful stories about courageous girls who confront the barriers to their independence, including poverty, child marriage, gender-based violence, domestic slavery, trafficking and tradition. At its soul is the hope and promise those girls represent.  

Girls like Wadley, from Haiti, who refuses to accept that she can't attend school. And Sokha, from Cambodia, an orphan who scavenged in the garbage dump just to survive. And Azmera, from Ethiopia, who was destined to be a child bride until with her brother's support she said “no”.

Girl Rising’s message of resilience and possibility has captured the imaginations of young people across North America and around the globe. Girl Rising brings that same inspiration to the classroom, spurring students to see beyond their borders, value their education, think critically, and believe in their capacity to create change in their lives, their communities, and the world.  

Girl Rising’s resources include a free curriculum for upper-elementary, middle and high school students; the original Girl Rising film (which can be seen as a whole, or "chapter" by "chapter"); a young adult book highlighting additional stories and diving deeper into the issues; and a growing community of collaborative educators.  Designed to be flexible, it can be taught across subject areas and used in schools, in community settings, or even at home.

Girl Rising has created a number of new resources in response to the COVID crises. The most recent is an interactive web-based module, flexible, student-facing, and easy to implement. Girl Rising also developed a Family Guide, straightforward and easily accessible, designed to bring the Girl Rising conversation into the home. Girl Rising’s message of resilience and hope has never seemed more resonant; Girl Rising’s value of interconnectedness and responsibility to one another has never seemed more important; Girl Rising’s mission to inspire young people to become agents of change has never seemed more urgent. 

The Girl Rising Educator community continues to expand: to date, more than 8500 educators from over 130 countries have registered for the free curriculum, with new teachers signing up every day. Working with local partners in school and community organizations, Girl Rising has programs in 12 countries, including India, Pakistan, Guatemala, Thailand and Kenya. The Girl Rising film has reached millions across the globe in movie theaters, community screenings, and on television, broadcast globally by CNN International. Girl Rising continues to produce and tell new stories, create new resources, develop new collaborations, and look for new ways to promote empathy among young people, spark their natural curiosity about the world, and inspire them to become global citizens and local change-makers.

As Suma says in the film – after being liberated from a childhood of servitude and finally able to go to school: "I feel as though I have power now.  I feel as though I can do anything.  And I have important things to do."

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

A positive initiative promoting resilience and education of girls. The curriculum is detailed and free to use, which is important for teachers who do not have funding from the school for new courses. Reached 500k users in 114 countries, in 7 years. Scalability is high as resources and curriculum are readily available.

HundrED Academy Reviews
An extensive programme covering curriculum, advocacy, resources, and engaging content through the medium of storytelling. It is cohesive and all the components give it the potential to be truly impactful.
The learning resources that power Girl Rising is easy to access and use. With a spread across one hundred and forty-four countries, its scalability is not in doubt. Over the years the materials have been improved to further strengthen the outcomes.
- Academy member
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High Impact
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High Impact
High Scalability
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Low Impact
High Scalability
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Celebrate IDG 2021 with Girl Rising!
Girl Rising’s 2021 International Day of the Girl Summit: Future Rising is a globe-spanning virtual event October 1st-3rd with storytelling workshops, film discussions, interactive creative sessions, networking opportunities, and celebration of change-makers.In conjunction with our new storytelling and educational program – Future Rising– this year’s IDG Summit brings together activists, experts, and girl champions across the globe to foster conversations and raise awareness around the links between girls’ education and climate change.Registration details to come! 
Meet the Future Rising Fellows
We are thrilled to announce the inaugural cohort of the Future Rising Fellows, a virtual fellowship for young activists working on environmental justice storytelling with a focus on women and girls. Representing 10 countries around the world, these Fellows are innovators, storytellers, artists, and truth seekers. Their work highlights the many ways that girls and women are disproportionately affected by climate change, as well as the incredible ways that girls are leading inventive and courageous initiatives on climate and environmental justice in communities all over the world.During the next six months, each Fellow will create a piece of narrative work (short film, photo essay, long article, podcast etc.) about gender and environmental justice in their community. Through their storytelling, we will create a diverse and multi-layered body of knowledge about how the drivers and impacts of climate change intersect with girls’ education and gender equity. We will also highlight the inventive and courageous ways that girls are tackling the effects of climate change in vulnerable communities worldwide. The growing community of Future Rising Fellows, and the rich collage of stories they create, will provide invaluable data from which we can draw new insights about how to build a more sustainable and equitable future.
Educate Girls, Protect Our World
Future Rising is a new initiative from Girl Rising designed to drive investment and support for girls’ education and to harness the power of educated girls to tackle climate change. Watch our animated short HERE. Learn more HERE. 
Girls and Women Leading in Crisis: A Girl Rising Special Event
Girls and young women have been on the front lines helping their communities respond to the pandemic and the accompanying educational, social, and economic challenges. On March 18th Girl Rising hosted a conversation with three young women who are using their voice for change in India and Kenya. They shared their stories of courage, determination and generosity - and performed original spoken word. The event opened with special guest Karen Kahn, HP Chief Communications Officer and Head of Corporate Affairs along with Christina Lowery, Girl Rising CEO, Judithe Registre, VP of Programs, and Richa Hingorani, India Program Manager who reflected on the leadership of girls and young women during the COVID-19 crisis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuvi3qTY4C4
Girl Rising on Flipgrid!
We’re officially a Flipgrid Discovery Library partner. Visit our page to learn about topics including freedom, education and poetry by exploring powerful stories about courageous girls who confront barriers to their independence and education. Check us out at here: https://admin.flipgrid.com/discovery/partners/140?ns=
Girl Rising edWebinar
This past year has challenged us as individuals, families, communities, countries and globally – and it has profoundly impacted educators, students, teaching and learning. In this webinar, we explore Girl Rising's strategies for helping students connect to the world, access their resilience and develop their personal agency during this age of COVID.  See the recording here: https://home.edweb.net/webinar/womenlead20210219/?mc_cid=77b72d965c&mc_eid=2cf1ffafd8
Celebrating National Day of Service with Voices of Youth
Girl Rising was honored to join the Biden-Harris Inaugural Committee and organizations across the country to celebrate the National Day of Service on Jan. 18, 2021. We called on young people everywhere to join us in by connecting with someone who may be feeling isolated by the pandemic -- a neighbor, a classmate, a relative, or a nursing home resident. And we hosted Voices of Youth, a virtual event featuring two remarkable young women from the Girl Rising community. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF6Qv_G-Hq4&t=244s&mc_cid=dfd24c4c6f&mc_eid=2cf1ffafd8
Teens Rising Together: an interactive web-based module
What teachers told us they needed: an online, interactive, engaging unit. Written directly for students and based on the Girl Rising stories, it can be used for remote, hybrid or face-to-face learning. For teachers and students who'd like to extend the adventure, a second module offers a number of additional projects.  For more: https://girlrising.org/learning-journey
Thousands of girl champions from around the world gather at our 12-hour virtual summit on Oct. 10, 2020, in celebration of International Day of the Girl. The summit takes you across the globe, from Asia to Africa to South and North America, meeting inspiring leaders, passionate activists, determined young people, and dynamic educators – and listening in on spirited conversation, music, poetry, and inventive stories of challenge and change.  More here: www.girlrising.org
"My Story" Challenge
With the backdrop of COVID-19, Girl Rising issued a global call for stories from and about young people who are fighting for a better world in these challenging times - stories of courage, leadership, creativity and solutions. 1500 were submitted from 87 countries .  See the Final Fifteen here: https://mystory.girlrising.org/finalists 
Curriculum & Creativity
Educators and students in the US and in all corners of the world have shown extraordinary creativity and ingenuity in their work with Girl Rising, learning about the issues and then translating that learning into projects of all kinds – written word, music, video games, drawing, etc.  These students are from YES Prep Public Schools in Houston TX, where Girl Rising is incorporated into the Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric class that all 11th graders – almost 1000 of them – take each year.  More on Girl Rising's Educator Program here: https://girlrising.org/foreducators.
Taking Action
One of the goals of Girl Rising is to inspire young people to take action.  The Gender Equity Champions at West Patent Elementary School in Bedford NY did just that by taking the message of gender equity to the rest of their school and raising funds to support girls around the world. More about teacher Dorothy Venditto's class here: https://girlrising.org/educator-case-studies/dorothy-venditto; and more about what other educators are teaching and the kids of action that other students are taking here: https://girlrising.org/casestudies
The Book
The Girl Rising young adult book is widely used in classrooms and community programs to complement the films and curriculum resources.  It elaborates on the stories of the girls in the film, adds new stories, delves more deeply into the issues confronting girls globally, and explores the solutions.  More about the book here: 
New York
Ali Nagle has been teaching Girl Rising to her 5th grade reading students since the film first was released, first in New Jersey and now at KIPP Infinity in Harlem.  For more on how Ali and others use the Girl Rising stories and resources: https://girlrising.org/casestudies
Our most established country program is in India. The Girl Rising film was revisioned in English and Hindi and broadcast to millions of people. Our PSA campaigns encourage audiences to dream equally for girls and boys. We've created a 24-part gender sensitization curriculum that has been implemented in 5 states and has reached 45,000 students so far.. Girl Rising India continues to grow each year with new partnerships and collaborations.  More here on Girl Rising India herez: http://girlrising.in/home/
In the Classroom
The Girl Rising film and videos have been seen by millions of people around the world – in movie theaters, on television, at community and corporate events, and at conferences of world leaders. The Girl Rising stories have also been seen in thousands of classrooms on almost every continent.  
Around the World
Girl Rising is working with local partners in several countries around the world, including India, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Guatemala.  We support our country program partners by adapting the Girl Rising resources for each locality to help empower girls and change the social norms that hold them back. More information here: https://girlrising.org/our-programs
International Classroom Collaboration
Students from around the world – 45 countries so far – have joined the Girl Rising: Education for All project on iEARN, an online global collaborative platform. The project was designed by the educators who facilitate it.  Students exchange ideas about the Girl Rising stories and issues in an online forum, they share their work with each other, and sometimes meet virtually over Skype or Zoom to continue the conversation. Here, students from Sunburst Academy in California are talking to students in Iran.  More information here: https://iearn.org/cc/space-2/group-315
Quincy MA
Girl Rising is now a fixture at all five public middle schools schools in Quincy, MA.  The unit culminates each year with a Girl Rising Celebration, where student work - spoken word, dance, song and art - are on display.  Information about the Girl Rising curriculum resources is here: https://girlrising.org/foreducators

Spread of the innovation

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