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Code Mitra

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Open-Access Contextualised Computer Science learning platform to make children future ready.

Codemitra supported by Amazon Future Engineer India, an open access interactive, locally contextualised mobile application, introduces under-resourced learners to high-quality computer science education, building future skills like problem-solving and computational thinking in them. It includes programming lessons; activity labs and simulations for solving real-life problems through tech.

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November 2023
We envision more equitable future for tech based opportunities as we democratize CS learning experience for the next generation. Codemitra is a transition from conventional learning to context-based, gamified learning, making it relevant and interesting for learners, developing a computational way of thinking and approaching problems. It enables learners to chart out their own learning journey.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Lack of computer access, contextualised curriculum in regional languages, limited way of looking at CS education, and gender biases around careers in Tech in tech-driven economy resulted in low interest in tech/tech careers, low adaptability, lack of 21st century skills and widening gap in who has access to plum tech-related opportunities for the future, negatively impacting youth employability.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Code Mitra supported by AFE brings under-resourced children with no access to computers or dedicated CS teachers up to par with children anywhere else, by empowering them with foundational 21st century skills in computer sciences, using open access tech. It is a self-learning platform which is contextualised for local use. Further, its a gamified and gender-responsive future skills curriculum that increases the comfort, interest, in turn impacting the willingness to pursue careers in tech.
Currently there are 1.4 Lakh users, benefiting from Code Mitra.
YuWaah NXT (UNICEF) in Life Skills Delivery Report recognised Code Mitra as one of 15 scalable solutions for youth life skills education in India, showing a 10.25% increase in learners’ Problem Solving skills after using Code Mitra. Code Mitra is a hybrid application that leverages Javascript, Blockly and other technologies. It teaches block-based programming using drag-and-drop blocks to create stories, games, animations.

How has it been spreading?

Code Mitra supported by AFE was the recipient of the mBillionth Award, and has been chosen among the top 10 mobile innovations for development across 8 South Asian countries.

Unicef and Yuwaah chose Code Mitra as its solution partner for the study to identify impactful and scalable life skills training model under the Young Warrior NXT Program. Through this study it was found that:
- 92% of students find it easy to code on their phone after completing hour of code in Code Mitra
- 87.8% students find Code Mitra interesting and easy to learn CS
- Delta of 0.2% increase in the algorithmic thinking of the students (Pi Jam M&E Framework)
- 10.25% increase in Problem Solving skills of students after using Code Mitra
- In the next 3 years we envision impacting 4.5 to 5 million learners.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Owing to the modular nature of the platform, we are able to create instances for different governments and systems. They can contextualise the platform by adding the elements as per their requirement. The game engine also allows the learner to curate their own learning pathways. This enables staggering the rigour of the learning journey. You can contact at

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Reading through their annual report, I was very impressed by the nature of the solutions that the students came up with, and also that 100% of the students had created their own project, which is really impressive. This shows strong impact.

Code Mitra's offline accessibility, open-source nature, strategic partnerships with global organizations and local governments, and rapid expansion demonstrate its financial viability and scalability as an inclusive and impactful innovation.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Download the Playstore Application
Go to the Google playstore, type Codemitra and download the application.
Sign Up
After downloading the application, you will need to sign up. Follow the steps below to sign up and access the application.
Enter your name.
Enter the grade you are studying in.
Enter your mobile number.
Select your location. Then click on the sign up button.
You have to enter the OTP that you will receive on your registered number. After submitting it, you will successfully login to the application.
Accessing the Course
As soon as you login, you will see the ‘Take the Course’ Option. Click on ‘Take the Course’ option. When you click on the very first activity, you will see a video which will help you understand the concept used in the lesson. After completing the video, you will see an activity where you will need to combine different blocks together. To complete the activity click on the green flag on the screen and win points.
Product Demo Login Credentials
Demo Phone no. - 00001 00001
Demo OTP - 9532

Spread of the innovation

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