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The Starving Artist

‘Art is not just an accessory on gallery walls but, it can be at the forefront of change-making'

The Starving Artist initiative empowers people through creative arts, putting lived-in experiences at the forefront. We aim to promote authentic and vulnerable engagement discourse and bring about change within current systems. Our focus is on championing emerging voices with creative arts-education teaching individuals to explore their experiences and impact change-making.


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November 2023
The Starving Artist innovates education by using art to amplify marginalized voices, promote representation, and foster civic reform. It engages with mental health, migration, climate, & conflict through exhibitions, publications, & art-based reflection cards, building art & business skills scholarship fund support artists and communities. Impact spans 50+ artists, 30+ countries, & 30,000+ lives.

About the innovation

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Implementation steps

Explore Initiatives
Begin by exploring The Starving Artist's initiatives, including exhibitions, open calls, and reflection cards. Visit the official website to understand the diverse themes, art forms, and opportunities available for engagement. Familiarize yourself with the current calls for submissions, application deadlines, and themes such as African Diaspora identity or peace-activism.
Participate in Our Endeavours
If you're an artist or advocate, actively participate in open calls, workshops, events that align with your interests. Access the application forms provided for each initiative, like "Belonging in African Diaspora" or " The Strings That Bind Us for preventable disease awareness on Aids and HIV Advocacy" Follow the guidelines and submit your work or join live events to foster & develop your creative voice with The Starving Artist's mission of authentic and vulnerable storytelling.
Engage with Reflection Cards and Publications
Explore our diverse self-led resources such as or the innovative art-based reflection cards designed for personal well-being. Choose from the available sets, such as "Voices Above Water," "The Migrant Voice," "The Vulnerable Man," or "The Starving Artist." Use these cards as a creative & introspective tool to navigate mental health journeys or explore the impacts of migration & climate on well-being. We also have publications + art advocacy readings for self-led learning.
Stay Involved
Stay updated on upcoming exhibitions, projects, publications organized by The Starving Artist. You can attend our free virtual or physical exhibitions to witness the transformative power of art in addressing social issues. We also have artist education talks, social media campaigns & collaborations that fostering a deeper understanding of the lived experiences depicted in the artworks. Share your perspectives and contribute to the dialogue around mental health, equality, and societal challenges.

Spread of the innovation

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