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High Resolves has developed and refined an award-winning, comprehensive citizenship curriculum that is grounded in learning science.

High Resolves

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High Resolves has developed and refined an award-winning, comprehensive citizenship curriculum that is rooted in cutting-edge learning science and more than 14 years’ experience in the field. The curriculum includes: professionally delivered and film-based immersive experiences, a library of over 80 teaching resources and real-world application exercises.
Madeleine Albright, Former US Secretary of State & Chair, McNulty Prize Jury
Around the world, we are seeing a rise in hateful discourse in communities and at the highest levels. High Resolves is tackling these pressing issues head-on by training the next generation to resist

Madeleine Albright, Former US Secretary of State & Chair, McNulty Prize Jury


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Updated on May 23rd, 2022
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Why High Resolves?

High Resolves seeks to contain the contagion of hate, a rapidly-growing global pandemic, by teaching teens how to be responsible, engaged citizens. The rise of hate and intolerance is well documented – not only across North America and Europe, but the world. What’s more, with the rapid growth and prevalence of social media, hate speech has been able to spread more quickly and more widely than ever before. Facebook, for instance, reported that they removed “nearly 3 million pieces of hate speech between July and September, a 15 percent increase from [the same period in 2017].”

In order to address these problems, we created High Resolves as an immersive, educational program that targets the 10 to 18-year-old population. By the time young people turn 10, they have developed sufficient cognitive capacity and mental awareness to challenge their own thinking. Throughout their teenage years, children have brains with very high plasticity – making it the easiest time to replace corrosive mental schema with more positive structures. If we want to challenge racism, misogyny and other forms of hatred and intolerance, this is the best age to do it.

Geographically, High Resolves began with a deep focus on teenagers in Australia, where we have currently worked with over 260,000 young people in our multi-year programs. The program recently expanded to both the United States and Canada and we are now expanding in developing countries like China, Brazil and India through partnerships with local players. Our goal is to drive our global reach to a million youth within three years.

Our solution is education through experience. High Resolves is an award-winning system for building mastery in the core competencies of citizenship – from independent thinking and inclusive leadership to effective collaboration. We all know that rote lectures are not effective in this domain. Our formula, based on learning science, shows that sustained personal transformations must begin with peak experiences that shift a person’s thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world around them. These shifts must then be hardwired into long- term memory through repeated practice in the classroom and project-based application in the real world. Real impact requires all three of these elements and we are one of the only programs that integrate all three aspects into the learning journey.   

In addition, we created Videos for Change as a platform for young people to create powerful 1- minute advocacy videos on social themes. Originally a national competition in Australia, it has now become a digital platform enabling a global movement of youth exercising their voice to drive social change. Schools, camps, youth organizations and faith-based communities can all use their own instances of the platform to host local competitions.

Our new Composer platform is a truly disruptive innovation which translates the latest insights from learning science into a simple visual language, we have enabled education companies and schools to describe sets of learning experiences using different shapes along “strings” that work across traditional subject areas. Using the latest AI, our search engine allows school leaders to learn from others all around the world. For example, a social inclusion program in New Orleans that draws on content from six education providers can be discovered and tailored by schools in Sydney. Moreover, Composer enables a radical new approach to embed micro-assessments into curriculum to eliminate the need for expensive special testing instruments. We will formally launch the Composer with our ecosystem partners in August this year.

The combined impact of these highly engaging learning experiences is a tangible enhancement of the participants’ sense of collective identity and an increased likelihood that they will act in the long-term collective interest. Ninety-five percent of participants rate our program as highly engaging; 91 percent achieve the targeted cognitive outcomes; and 87 percent achieve the targeted affective and behavioural outcomes.

Our work is recognised for its distinctiveness. High Resolves was awarded the Patron’s Prize from Good Design Australia for excellence in user experience design, surpassing all companies and industries in Australia. In November, we were awarded the John P. McNulty Prize, which celebrates the boldness and impact of individuals who are using their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to address the world’s toughest challenges.


HundrED Academy Review

Seeking to address what is a global issue, one which I have seen teaching with students from different countries. This is an idea which is obviously applicable and can be scaled up to a wider range of learners.

- HundrED Academy Member

Leadership for youth to be educated as good behavior citizens and resolve/fight against hate is a a paramount journey!! High impact and high scalability!!!

- HundrED Academy Member
The innovation has an ambitious goal in its current footprint (i.e. covering 50% of children in Austrialia in the next five years). The guidelines and resources available this innovation can be extended to other areas easily. The innovation has reached 260 000 users in 5 countries and it has been recognized globally.
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Achievements & Awards

November 2021
HundrED 2022
October 2020
High Resolves has received new grants from Rockefeller Foundation and Imaginable Futures.
November 2019
Mehrdad Baghai recognized by Schwab Foundation as a ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’
November 2018
John P McNulty Prize Winner
June 2015
Winner Good Design Australia Award

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Are you interested in implementing the High Resolves program at your school? Feel free to send us an email at or check out our website at
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Read our Theory of Change
Our Theory of Change articulates the chain of logic that connects our distinctive contribution to the collective transformation we seek.
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Find out more about our Peak Experiences for young people
We have developed a series of award-winning immersive experiences around 4 quadrants of citizenship that trigger transformative “ah-ha” moments and create awareness and self-discovery.
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Access our library of over 80 free teaching resources
Our library of free resources supports teachers to develop their student's global competence in the classroom.
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Bring Videos for Change to your school, camp or youth group
Videos for Change empowers young people to become agents of social change. It is a real-world, student-led, project-based learning experience in which students create one-minute videos to raise awareness of social issues they are passionate about.
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Join us at our annual summit for education leaders
High Resolves and Swinburne University are excited to welcome education leaders to Ed Summit 2019: Lead the Change to be held on Friday, 2 August in Melbourne, Australia.
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