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Learning Forerunners Across America

We are proud to announce our second project with Remake Learning. As the world around us has become more complex, new, and versatile skills are required in order to thrive. HundrED Forerunners identifies top-level innovations that can improve education immediately and at scale.
Supported by Grable Foundation and Remake Learning

Many of the jobs that await today’s young people will likely require work that has yet to be invented.

Moreover, the problems that communities face — from hunger to environmental destruction to profound inequity — will not be solved by content knowledge alone. While tried-and-true skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic will remain essential, developing solutions to complex challenges will require learners who can think critically and work with diverse teams. It will require curious, creative, caring human beings. And it will require learning environments that give every student the nurturing relationships, material support, and inner confidence needed to thrive in a connected, quickly changing world.


Leading Education Innovations from 16 cities across the United States

The Learning Forerunners Across America Spotlight with Remake Learning, Remake Learning Days, and The Grable Foundation highlights system-level best practices that foster innovation at scale in 16 regions across the United States. These system-wide innovations can be top-down initiatives, practices, or policies that enable impactful and scalable approaches to learning in at least 10 schools or institutions or an entire region. 

“There may not be another moment in our lifetimes when educators are thinking as boldly about what education and learning might be than right now. We should embrace these innovations as signals about what’s possible,” said Gregg Behr, executive director of The Grable Foundation and co-chair of Remake Learning. “And if we introduce these possibilities to parents, and we genuinely involve families as learning allies alongside our students and teachers, then we just might actually remake learning for years to come. That’s what is so electrifying about what’s happening right here in Pittsburgh and throughout the 16 Remake Learning Days regions.”

These innovations were announced on October 13th, 2020, at the Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA), a celebration of innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity.



Spotlight: Learning Forerunners Across America

In partnership with Remake Learning and The Grable Foundation, this Learning Forerunners Across America report identifies and highlights 16 innovations that power the most promising learning ecosystems throughout the United States. This release coincides with the national launch of Remake Learning Days Across America in 16 cities, a yearlong festival kicks off on October 13, 2020. 

The innovations presented here focus on big-picture, system-level, impactful solutions at scale that are operating across multiple schools and/or institutions. You’ll see there are many inspiring examples: from connecting K-12 teachers with innovative science and engineering research in Central Pennsylvania, to giving students the tools to design their own learning in Northeast Ohio. These 16 cities break the structural boundaries of outdated traditional systems in K-12 education, and exemply partnerships on multiple connecting levels.

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Selected innovations

Each selected innovation has been implemented across at least 10 schools or organizations for a period of one year or longer and each has been evaluated and shown to be beneficial. It is our hope that the 16 innovations highlighted in this selection will help set the stage for a global ecosystem: one in which innovators around the world learn from one another, share promising practices, and help every child flourish on this planet that connects us all.
Wisconsin: LRNG:Badgerland
LRNG:Badgerland is a regional initiative that uses a digital platform to connect schools, afterschool programs, nonprofits, higher education, and local employers in service of helping high school stud
Northeast Ohio: Empowering students to design active learning experiences
The NeoSTEM Ecosystem restores students’ roles as active learners, teachers, and community members through meaningful STEM learning. Driven by the belief that hands-on exploration is essential; that p
San Diego: Pactful
Pactful is a social good innovation curriculum and app used globally by teens and teachers who want to build a better world. The digital platform and challenge events inspire users to leverage design
Eastern Kentucky: Re-envisioning community spaces
The Entrepreneurial Coal Lands Redevelopment Program encourages high school students to reimagine former coal land for entrepreneurial purposes. Students develop business plans, conduct environmental
Chattanooga: Teacherpreneur
Teacherpreneur is an initiative for P12 teachers that blends the impact of a start-up incubator with the unique perspective of teachers. Teacherpreneurs participate in a six-week start-up bootcamp des
Kansas City: KC STEM Alliance’s Senior Capstone Innovation Experience
KC STEM Alliance’s Senior Capstone Innovation Experience engages employers in mentoring, builds a community of practice among teachers, and helps students put classroom concepts into practice to solve
Southeastern Pennsylvania: Building environmental literacy through nature-based STEM learning
Riverbend Environmental Education Center partners with school districts in southeastern Pennsylvania to build environmental literacy among learners and educators. By integrating aquaponics, outdoor le
DC-Maryland-Virginia: Promoting civic agency in the early years
For Children Are Citizens, early childhood and early elementary school teachers partner with local cultural institutions to develop and enrich a curriculum focused on children’s ideas about making the
North Carolina's Research Triangle: Bringing real science into the classroom
The North Carolina Research Triangle's high concentration of STEM experts has generated a movement to bring real STEM research into classrooms and to bring students into laboratories. This interaction
Oregon: STEM Hubs
Oregon’s 13 STEM Hubs connect learners to STEM experiences early and often, igniting passion and interest in STEM fields. Through robust regional partnerships, Hubs provide the infrastructure to suppo
Southwestern Pennsylvania: The Fred Method
Beginning in 1968, Fred Rogers’ landmark television program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, was produced in Pittsburgh and broadcast across the United States. The program used a new technology — televis
Knoxville: Building a path between “high school” and “hired”
The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville eliminates barriers to employment by providing every learner with access: to courses informed by K-12 educators and local employers; to credential
Central Pennsylvania: Connecting STEM research and practices to K-12 environments
The Penn State Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS) bridges innovative science and engineering research with K-12 teacher professional development. CSATS is a leader in transforming precollege S
West Virginia: Simulated Workplace
In order to provide students with demand-driven skills that will set them up for career success, the West Virginia Department of Education and the state's business sector collaborated to create the Si
Greater Cincinnati: Leveraging strategic foresight to guide today’s education systems
Staying informed about changes on the horizon can be a challenge. Within education, it can be difficult to decide how to respond to changes while also attending to organizational vision, teaching and
Chicago: From conventional learning to connected learning
Connected learning happens at the intersection of young people’s interests, opportunities, and relationships. When young people are afforded the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions alon
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