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Helsinki Education Division

Tailor-Made 2023

Helsinki Education Division and HundrED are working together to identify and test innovations that will support student wellbeing in Helsinki schools and kindergartens. Together, we aim to take a view of the whole child and help students to have more opportunities to exercise their agency, leading to a greater sense of student well-being. This project is based on the Spotlight conducted in 2019.

In collaboration with the Helsinki Education Division

The challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on student wellbeing in Helsinki Schools. In this Tailor-Made project, the Helsinki Education Division and HundrED take a holistic view of education, in order to create an environment where students have greater opportunities to make choices, develop motivation, self-efficacy, identity and belonging thereby exercising their (co)agency, leading to greater sense of student well-being.

The solution

Through this Tailor-Made project, HundrED aims to identify impactful and scaleable innovations that support holistic student wellbeing and positive social interaction. HundrED is working with experts at Helsinki Education Division and teachers in Helsinki Schools to co-develop ways in which the innovations can be adapted to meet the needs of the schools.

Important dates

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Alignment with the Helsinki Education Division experts on the needs of students in Helsinki Schools


HundrED selects impactful and scalable innovations that address the needs of Helsinki Schools


Innovators meet Helsinki Experts to discuss and decide how the innovations will be adapted and tested.


Innovators and teachers from Helsinki Schools co-create together to adapt the innovation for the context.


Teachers test the innovations with the schools while integrating ongoing adaptation and learning approaches to ensure robust implementation.


HundrED will use qualitative methodologies to document the impact of the innovations within each of the schools.


HundrED will celebrate the teachers and innovators working together to impact student wellbeing within Helsinki Schools.