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Experimenting with Wellbeing Innovations


Whether you are an education leader, teacher, or innovator you can find interesting insights on how to support education innovation implementation. In this report we explain how education innovation experimentation was done in collaboration with Helsinki Education Division schools and innovations identified by HundrED.

Inside you’ll find the documentation of our journey with the Helsinki Education Division piloting one of our first Tailor-Made projects. In this particular project Slam Out Loud and iMoves innovations were adapted and tried out in the Helsinki primary education context. Experimentation was conducted by classroom teachers from Helsinki who collaborated and co-created together with innovators to try out their practices with their learners.

We compiled the stories and learnings from this implementation project into this report in the hopes that by sharing these experiences with you, you can take something away that will help you with your journey in trying and scaling new education innovations.


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Publication Date
November 30, 2023
Jamie Lee and Crystal Green
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Lee, Jamie and Crystal Green. Experimenting with Wellbeing Innovations. Helsinki: HundrED, 2023.
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