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Why Should Dyslexia Be Difficult?
Dyslexia can make education an up-hill battle for some students, but does it really have to be that difficult? From getting an earlier diagnosis to using new technologies to improve reading capabiliti
25.4.2018 Josephine Lister
Virtual Reality Hits American Classrooms!
Virtual Reality is making its way into US Classrooms. Lyfta, a Finnish-British virtual reality company that we selected to be a part of our 100 Inspiring Innovations in Education 2018, is being pilote
18.4.2018 Josephine Lister
Flipping The Future Of Learning
At Bett 2018, a collection of UK students took bravely to the stage to discuss ‘Flipping The Future'. They shared their hopes for the future of learning as well as discussing how digital advances shou
The Tech Edit: 8 Ways To Introduce Worthwhile Tech Into The Classroom
Choosing which technology to incorporate into the classroom can be an overwhelming experience. Out of all the shiny products vying for your attention which should you choose to spend your precious sch
31.1.2018 Josephine Lister
Could Virtual Reality Help Dyslexic Students?
Serdar Ferit, Co-CEO of Lyfta, was holding a virtual reality workshop in London when he came across a startling surprise. One student with severe dyslexia found the virtual reality experience eradicat
22.1.2018 Josephine Lister
Future Technologies Are Creating A Better Age of Learning
Do future technologies improve learning? We take a look at the edtech innovations which work to make the classroom experience a fun and active learning environment.
Meet The UN's Latest Education and Learning Award Winner
The UN's Education and Learning Award Winner of 2017 also happens to be one of our 100 Inspiring Innovations! Come and meet them and find out how they're combining the newest technologies with age-old
Want To Be A VR Or AR Superstar? Here’s Our Top Tips To Create The Perfect Product For Education.
Want to create an amazing VR or AR experience for schools? Here's our top tips on how to create the best product possible.
The Future Looks Bright: Five Innovations Bringing Us The Future Of Education Today
Everyone knows education has been stuck in a rut for quite awhile now, but that's not true everywhere. Here are five of our favourite innovations bringing education up to speed right now!
Get Up To Speed with Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
We got to grips with virtual and augmented reality so you don't have to. Here's the fundamental things you should know.
Implementing 3D Technology In Schools
'Pedagogy and 3D Printing' is a project that we’re trialling in Finland which helps to integrate 3D printing skills into the classroom as well as virtual reality and augmented reality.
Empathy is the Future Trend in Education
The return to a divided world has made people question why there has been a shift in popular mood towards intolerance, with many pointing to a lack of quality education as to why people have xenophobi
3.11.2016 Josephine Lister