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8 Things Pittsburgh Learned at the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit
A delegation of 18 people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA attended this year’s HundrED Innovation Summit as a result of HundrED’s Spotlight on Pittsburgh. It was affirming and inspirational to
15.11.2019 Arielle Evans
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TransformED: Making Educational Transformation Possible From Classroom To School To District
Becoming an inspiring educator requires a village! transformED’s unique approach to professional development has supported over 3,000 educators in creating transformational change in classrooms, schoo
29.10.2019 Tyler Samstag
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12 Ideas from Pittsburgh That Could Transform Education
The HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh identified the 12 most inspiring innovations in southwestern Pennsylvania. Read our report and watch the documentary video series to see why we think something spec
23.9.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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How To Create Engaging & Relevant Learning Opportunities That Support Positive Youth Outcomes? - Melanie Claxton | HundrED WEBday
Melanie Claxton, Summer Dreamers Academy from Pittsburgh, USA went live on the HundrED Facebook Page to share about the Summer Dreamers Academy. Check out the video now!
21.9.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
Mark Your Calendars: The HundrED Spotlight On Pittsburgh Premieres On September 23
HundrED is thrilled to join its Pittsburgh partners The Grable Foundation and Remake Learning along with other stakeholders to honor the Pittsburgh region's educators at the inaugural CelebratED gala
26.8.2019 Ryan Coon & Arielle Evans
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Why Radio For Education In A YouTube Era?- Larry Berger | HundrED WEBday
Watch Larry Berger, Founder & Executive Director at Youth Express from the USA share why youth voice matters and how radio can act as an equalizer for participation, skills development, authentic expr
20.8.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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How Do You Fabricate Change in Mental Wellness & Education? - Donald Martin | HundrED WEBday
Donald Martin, Executive Director of Intermediate Unit 1 from USA went live on the HundrED Facebook Page to share about 'Fabricating Change in Mental Wellness', selected as one of the ten leading educ
16.7.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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The Power of Simple Interactions in Young Children's Learning and Development
Simple Interactions affirms the importance of positive, responsive, and supportive human interactions in children's learning and development. Dana Winters, Director of Simple Interactions and Academic
19.6.2019 Dana Winters
community article
Meet the Innovations Selected for HundrED's Spotlight on Pittsburgh
The HundrED research team and the Pittsburgh advisory committee have selected 12 innovations for the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh.
28.5.2019 Arielle Evans & Ryan Coon
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Transformative Innovations: Learning Pathways and Systems-Level Education Efforts in Pittsburgh
For the last in our three-part tour of the 82 innovations submitted to the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh, we're exploring the learning pathways and systems-level initiatives that are transforming ed
9.4.2019 Arielle Evans & Ryan Coon
community article
STEM Learning and Education Technology in Pittsburgh
For part two of our three-part tour of the 82 innovations submitted to the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh, we're exploring how educators in the Pittsburgh region are teaching Science, Technology, Eng
2.4.2019 Arielle Evans & Ryan Coon
community article
Learning at the Intersections: Maker, Arts, and Interdisciplinary Education in Pittsburgh
While the HundrED research team and the local advisory committee are busy narrowing down to 10 innovations for our Pittsburgh spotlight, we're taking a tour of all 82 innovations in a three-part serie
26.3.2019 Arielle Evans & Ryan Coon