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community interview
Andreas Schleicher and Pasi Sahlberg Respond to COVID-Related Education Community Concerns
After our last webinar, we were unable to get to all the questions from our community. So, we followed up with Andreas Schleicher and education expert Pasi Sahlberg with some of our community members'
community article
Andreas Schleicher Calls For International Collaboration & Entrepreneurial Teachers Amidst COVID19
We recently spoke with Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the (OECD) on the impact of COVID19 pandemic. In t
1.4.2020 Andreas Schleicher & Saku Tuominen
community article
Community Conversation: Transforming Teacher Professional Development through Technology
Last month, we held a Community Conversation on Transforming Teacher Professional Development through Technology in partnership with the World Bank. The purpose of this conversation was to bring toget
4.3.2021 Mariah O'Mara
community article
First HundrED GLocal for 2020 Looks At Fostering An Equitable Culture At A Systemic Level
At HundrEd, we are coming together with our Ambassador Shweta Eidnani from India to bring you an event where innovators from across the world will be sharing their experience and the work they have do
20.12.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
community article
HundrED Community Announcement Highlights Education Solutions Amidst COVID19 Crisis
On a call on April 2nd, 2020 with 150 HundrED Ambassadors, Innovators and community members from over thirty countries representing a wide array of stakeholders and opinions in education, the organisa
3.4.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
community article
HundrED’s Global Funding Research: Identifying Needs and Opportunities to Scale Innovations in K12 Education
Today HundrED announced the release of Innovators Funding Needs For Education Innovations; research which reveals the various kinds of financial support that global education innovations need in order
2.4.2019 Romayne Javangwe
community article
Open Letter To The HundrED Community
We invite everyone in the HundrED Community to share homeschooling and online learning solutions that can be used immediately. These solutions can be big or small and can be created by students, teach
20.3.2020 Saku Tuominen & Lasse Leponiemi
community article
Reflecting On 2019 With Saku Tuominen and Lasse Leponiemi
To reflect on the year gone by, we interviewed Saku Tuominen, Founder & Creative Director, and Lasse Leponiemi, Co-Founder & Executive Director at HundrED on how they see 2019 went and what they hope
31.12.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan & Katija Aladin
community impact story
Speed School Enabling 113,000 Children To Get A Second Chance At Education
Since 2011, Luminos Fund's Speed School initiative has worked in partnership with Ethiopian NGOs to enable 113,000 children to get a second chance at education. We reached out to the innovators behind
8.2.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan & Caitlin Baron
community article
What Do Educators Need To Do To Innovate Education Themselves? In Conversation With The Teacher’s Guild
In order for educators to deliver a contemporary, forward-thinking education, they need to be fully supported and taught how to innovate education in a way that is beneficial for both students and the
1.10.2019 Josephine Lister
community article
When It Comes To Teaching, Relationships Matter | HundrED Innovation Summit
Relationships between students and passionate teachers will always be the foundation of successful classrooms. Even one hundred years from now, that will be the same, says Kayla Delzer.