Open Letter To The HundrED Community


Dear HundrED Community:

Help us to help you

As we all know, children, parents, teachers and schools around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are plenty of tools, resources and tips available, but parents are often seen to struggle. Poorly selected tools can even create additional stress and anxiety. 

We have decided to do a Special Spotlight around this need - and an urgent one: Spotlight on providing Quality Education for All during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Normally a HundrED Spotlight lasts almost a year. Now we will try to do the impossible - do it in 15 days. We start today and our goal is to launch the results on April 2nd.

We need your help!

We invite everyone in the HundrED Community to share homeschooling and online learning solutions that can be used immediately. These solutions can be big or small and can be created by students, teachers or parents.

We are asking you, to do the following by 27th March:

If and when there are solutions, big or small, that seem to work in your area, please identify and share them with us. Simply head to the page, share your solution, briefly describe what you have seen to be effective and how one can implement it in less than 5 steps.  

For example, in Spain, there is a movement called #frommywindow, where students are displaying their artwork on their windows at home. This way, when children take walks they are able to see the artwork of their neighborhood, friends and keep up the good spirit! The message behind the craft is everything will be okay

We are looking for impactful and simple solutions. 

This is all. If we are all able to do this, we might be able to provide valuable help to millions of teachers, parents and especially children.  

HundrED was founded to support educators and education innovators around the world. We have been blown away with the kindness and support shown in our community - let’s keep up the good work and show up together when worry is at its peak.


Saku Tuominen, Founder & Creative Director, HundrED

Lasse Leponiemi, Co-Founder & Executive Director, HundrED

Saku Tuominen
Lasse Leponiemi