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Will you be joining us at the HundrED Innovation Village, Cambridgeshire Festival of Education 2019?

16.5.2019 | BY RACHEL SNAPE

Cambridgeshire Festival of Education is an annual education festival that thanks to the generous and brilliant support of Cambridge University Faculty of Education and other supporters is a joyful, optimistic celebration of teachers and teaching. This year the Festival will take place on the 15th June, with the help of  The Kite TSA Cambridge.

Now in its third year this colourful, inspiring and energising festival sees educators flocking from Cambridgeshire and beyond to hear from education thought leaders, academics and researchers as well as classroom practitioners.  In addition to keynotes and workshops the day includes music, dance and art as well as plenty of down time for educators to relax and connect with others.

The boutique education festival with a big heart.

#CambsEdFest as this optimistic education festival is fondly known as, was specifically designed to address concerns about recruitment and retention in education. We recognise the huge challenges faced by teachers around the world such as under-funding, huge workload, high-stakes testing, but as radical optimists we recognise the challenges but also believe that being a teacher can be a joyful, creative and rewarding job. Through the festival day and as a positive movement, we want to create a community of practice by connecting like-minded optimistic educators who believe that they can be the catalysts for the change we want to see in our classrooms, community and world.

Being a teacher is a brilliant and noble profession. “A teacher effects eternity, they never know where their influence stops.” At the festival, we work to change the story that teachers tell about themselves and about the system. We recognise that we are the system and its time to #TalkUpTeaching

A guiding quote for us is by Professor Yong Zhao, “We need an education system based on hope not fear, one that appreciates the humanity of human beings”.

We are the teachers our schools need. We are the change we want to see in our world.

In addition to a wonderful array of festival activities we are also hugely proud to include a Hundred Innovation Village as part of the CambsEdFest this year.  A variety of HundrED Innovations and Ambassadors will be presenting their work and will be around to interact with the festival guests as well as participate, namely:


We are thrilled to be able to bring these wonderful innovations to a new education audience. We love the Hundred community that, across this network, loves to connect with others in the education eco-system and with those who are also working for positive societal transformation.

It will be great if you can join us. The tickets are only £35 and include tea/coffee and lunch. If you cannot, thanks to our friends at the SmileyMovement (the social matchmakers for good), you will be able to follow all the festival fun on the live stream. Or follow on Twitter #Flamingle19

We are also already looking towards #CambsEdFest 2020. The line-up for it is looking sensational and includes international award winning speaker Richard Gerver. Potential sponsors, please get in touch.

For more information, reach out to HundrED Ambassador, Headteacher/National Leader of Education, (The Spinney Primary School, Cambridge) and Event Designer (Cambridgeshire Festival of Education), Rae Snape at @RaeSnape or follow the festival at @CambsEdFest



Rae Snape
I am the Headteacher of the Spinney Primary School in Cambridge and a National Leader of Education for the Kite Teaching School Alliance. I am an enthusiastic and happy person who believes in the t...