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8.4.2021 | Mariah O'Mara |

The Qatar Spotlight Submission Period is Now Closed and the Review Process is Underway!

Last month the application period closed for our Qatar Spotlight, created in partnership with the Qatar Foundation. The Spotlight aims to discover 5-10 of the brightest K12 education innovations in the Qatar Region. We were overwhelmed by the response with over 80 applications

The world was a different place when we announced the launch of our Spotlight Project on Qatar in 2019. The Spotlight, created in partnership with the Qatar Foundation, aims to discover 5-10 of the brightest K12 education innovations in the Qatar Region. 

HundrED Spotlights create unique opportunities for both educational professionals and partner organizations to gain a thorough insight into education innovations taking place in either a specific area of education, such as teacher professional development or parental engagement; or within a certain geographic location - in this case Qatar. 

Although the pandemic forced us to extend the timeline of this Spotlight - we could not be happier with the results! 

After a successful webinar series, we received over 80 applications to the Qatar Spotlight Project.

We were blown away by the interest and enthusiasm of the innovators in the Qatar region. The webinar series, the first of its kind, aimed to provide deeper insight into the partnership, the project, and the types of applications we hoped to receive. In total, we received over 600 registrations for our Qatar Spotlight webinar series. 

The webinars attracted a good mix of attendees with most from the Qatar Foundation and Private Schools, with the second-highest was from the Ministry of Education Schools, and the rest from an eclectic mix of educational institutions. 

The submissions for this Spotlight have been bilingual, featuring innovations in both English and Arabic. Submissions for this Spotlight have originated from public and private schools, higher education, and some others. 

The results of this Spotlight are set to be released in November of 2021

However, at this stage, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Qatar Foundation, without whom this Spotlight would not have been possible. 

The Qatar Foundation’s research, development, and innovation work contribute to the creation and sustainability of a competitive and diversified economy for Qatar. Their work enables homegrown researchers to address both local and global challenges and development. 

Both HundrED and the Qatar Foundation believe that education is the key to solving many of the economic and development disparities faced by countries worldwide. We believe that there is a need for contextualized solutions as each city or country has its own needs and demands. Such needs and solutions can be understood through both research and practice perspectives, and therefore, this Spotlight hopes to showcase real examples from the region where local educators and innovators are doing extraordinary things for the students in Qatar.

What happens next?

In the next phase of the process, innovations will be reviewed based on impact and scalability by HundrED’s research team and an Advisory Board. The deep insights gained through this Spotlight will then be shared with the world in the form of a report, which will be released in both English and Arabic later this year.

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