Tech Yes! The Innovations For The HundrED Spotlight On Digital Wellbeing Are Set To Be Announced December 3rd

28.11.2019 | BY KATIJA ALADIN

The HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing in partnership with Supercell is set to be announced on December 3rd with its selected innovations. The HundrED Research team along with Supercell and our panel of expert advisory board members have selected some leading innovations promoting digital wellbeing in education. We can barely contain our excitement to share our findings! 

The wait is almost over! In less than a week, we will announce the 10 selected innovations for the HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing in collaboration with our global partner, Supercell. The need and interest surrounding technology today is apparent. We were blown away by the number of innovations submitted for this spotlight. From news literacy, to teacher resources, to cyber-bullying prevention, there is a growing need to foster innovations in this realm and we are happy that this HundrED Spotlight is a step in that direction. 

For this report, we turned to our global community of students, teacher, academics & educators for their expertise. We conducted global surveys with the students and teachers to understand their perspective on digital wellbeing and how it is currently being taught in their context. There was a resounding need for a more focused approach on digital wellbeing among teachers & students. Teachers lack the know-how and resources to adequately teach the necessary skills for students to feel confident and knowledgeable when using digital devices, and students have a desire to learn, but are not being given that space in their education. With this in mind, we are proud of the 10 inspiring innovations selected for the HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing that help to answer the needs of the students and teachers expressed in the surveys. 

We will be celebrating the inspiring work of these innovators through a virtual and live event happening simultaneously at the Supercell Headquarters in San Fransisco and their Headquarters in Helsinki the second week of December. We will be sure to share key insights and takeaways on our media platforms from this exciting celebratory event!

Stay tuned for the annoucement of the 10 selected innovations and the full report, available December 3rd. 



Katija Aladin
Education Specialist & Researcher