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30.4.2021 | Justin Blake |

Join the HundrED Community Meet-Up with James Shone

HundrED Country Leads Justin Blake & Alex Bell organise HundrED Community Meet-Ups with their United Kingdom Ambassadors. They are hosting a very special Meet-Up in May with Jame Shone, Motivational Speaker & Founder of I Can and I Am. As part of the HundrED Community, you are warmly welcome to attend.

HundrED Community Meet-Ups are led by HundrED Country Leads. They are facilitated by and for the local communities that enable Ambassadors to connect, collaborate and synergise. This Meet-Up has been opened to the wider HundrED Community to participate join with Motivational Speaker & Founder of I Can and I Am, James Shone. You are warmly welcome to attend. Please find additional information below. 

The HundrED Community is a vibrant group of education stakeholders from around the world, passionate about innovation in education and making change happen. No matter how much (or little) time you have, if you would like to be connected with this inspiring group and stay up to date on innovative education, you are warmly welcome to join here

You are invited to join!

We are so excited to have James Shone, Founder of I Can & I Am share his impactful work in education with our HundrED Community. I have known James for years and have experienced the inspiration and positive impact of I Can & I Am first-hand. This is an exciting opportunity for our wider community to be inspired by an extraordinary person with an incredibly personal story who is engaged in remarkable work with schools. He is a real, authentic, values-led leader and his inspiring work through I Can & I Am is transforming lives around the world and is one of the most exciting, impactful, and innovative approaches I have connected within recent years. James is making a significant difference, supporting young people, teachers, leaders, and parents to become the very best people they can be. I would love every school in our HundrED Community to connect with I Can & I Am. The ripple effect would be life-changing and transformational!

We’ll meet Tuesday 11th May 5-6 pm BST via the Zoom link below. Do join us and bring others if you can. We’d love to see you and please spread the word across your networks so as many as possible can benefit from this wonderful innovative initiative that is transforming lives and supporting children and adults to thrive. This is one not to be missed if at all possible. 

More information on I Can & I Am

I Can & I Am is a charity with a passion to inspire confidence and to ‘inflate balloons of self belief’. The charity was founded by the inspirational educational speaker James Shone who visits hundreds of schools and businesses every year speaking to educators, parents, pupils, and employees. Valuable funds are raised by the charity to enable the messages of ‘I Can & I Am’ to be spread to as many individuals as possible across the UK and around the world.

Following a 16-year teaching career and having been offered a job as Headmaster in 2012, James was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Following 27 hours of brain surgery, James, unfortunately, lost the majority of his sight. However, James is a man who embodies a positive attitude to life and a determination to turn setbacks into springboards. As a teacher, this was at the heart of his pastoral message and his focus now is on spreading the messages of ‘I Can & I Am’ to as many individuals across the UK and beyond as possible. Put simply, the heart of his charity is to inspire confidence in every individual to enable them to know who they are and what they are able to do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

Learn more about James Shone and I Can & I Am

If you are passionate about bringing change through innovations in K12 education join the HundrED Ambassadors community!