Justin Blake
Ambassador, Country lead

Justin Blake

Horsham, United Kingdom

Justin is a teacher, connector, innovator and enabler who facilitates inspirational events to help leaders, teachers and young people thrive and flourish and live in service of social and global transformation.

Justin’s strengths are as a natural connector, enabler and advocate with wide-ranging influential networks. He facilitates inspirational events to inspire global citizens, develop leaders, drive social impact and serve global change. He is a Ambassador and supports Future Capital - an initiative working with the United Nations.

“Justin facilitates unique events on the purpose of education and the development of future leaders. Windlesham Leadership Conferences are authentic, inspiring, insightful and always impactful." Lord Michael Hastings CBE 

“What Justin is engaged in is unique. I speak at lots of conferences and the energy and inspiration Justin generates at his events is amazing. He gathers people with the passion, expertise and influence to make education extraordinary. These events and conversations are all working together to create a movement for transformational change and I am so excited to be part of this.” Elke Edwards, Ivy House Founder.  

He believes in the power of connections and relationships aligned around a shared purpose for human progress and evolving global consciousness. He is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, designs national events and leads initiatives that enable people to thrive.  

Justin helps people and organisations live with the power of purpose moving the dial from profit for profit to profit for purpose. He develops partnerships that channel the power of finance, business and education for human progress. He is supporting Future Capital, leading a revolution through education, platforms and strategies in collaboration with some of the worlds best thought & action leaders, including the United Nations & the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize representative for private commerce and capital through the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.  

Capital is a powerful tool mankind has created; becoming more conscious of how we live, earn, spend, and invest our capital, we can work together to transform our world. Justin's newest collaboration is award-winning development for young people, teachers and leaders. This programme is the first of its kind in the UK and provides young people with CEO level development based on 20 years’ work with 40% of the FTSE 100.  

Speakers at his events include Ministers, MPs, CEOs & UN Advisors. He is part of the Modern Slavery Garden Team, Chelsea Flower Show Award Winner.