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4.2.2021 | Katija Aladin

Igniting 11 New Sparks to the HundrED Country Lead Community

To say we are excited to announce the new HundrED Country Leads is an understatement. We have had the privilege of learning more about these inspiring individuals throughout the application process and as part of the HundrED Ambassador community. They are bringing their enthusiasm, positivity, and openness to engage and connect with the HundrED Community in their regions.

At HundrED, we believe the purpose of education is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what happens and we do this, by researching, selecting, and helping spread impactful innovations worldwide.

The HundrED community is comprised of various roles including innovators, ambassadors, youth ambassadors, the academy, funders, and other experts from over 100 countries and growing. We firmly believe that change only comes from like-minded people working together towards a common goal. That's why we're strengthening our global community of education innovators and passionate education stakeholders by fostering collaboration and learning from each other to increase the pace of change in education everywhere. 

HundrED Country Lead Community was launched in July 2020 as a 3-month pilot program. The intention was to involve leading Ambassadors, ready for deeper involvement with HundrED’s mission to improve education, through impactful innovations. HundrED Country Leads are an extension of our core HundrED Team and work to activate and grow their local education communities. We started with 19 incredible individuals from 17 countries and now this powerful network has grown to 28 HundrED Country Leads from 22 countries. They are all ready to spark and inspire change locally within the global HundrED movement. 

To say we are excited to announce the new HundrED Country Leads is an understatement. We have had the privilege of learning more about these inspiring individuals throughout the application process and as part of the HundrED Ambassador community. They are bringing their enthusiasm, positivity, and openness to engage and connect with the HundrED Community in their regions. 

Without further ado, a big congratulations and a warm welcome to the new HundrED Country Leads! 

Kimberley Powell.jpg   Kimberly Powell, Australia  

Kim Powell is the Learning Leader: Innovation for Lutheran Education in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania. She works with schools to lead innovative practices around Contemporary Education. Kim develops and runs professional learning opportunities for schools including innovative learning tours across Australia and Internationally. Kim is passionate about ensuring that students are engaged in rich experiential learning in schools and facilitates this by inspiring and coaching school teachers and leaders to be innovative and bold in their approach to education

Yasmin Shaah.jpgKathija Yasmin Shaik, India 

Kathija Yasmin Shaik is an education innovator inspired by Sir Ken Robinson and creativity, serving as the Chief Trainer of Kalvi Group of Schools, India. She has been enjoying her journey with the education community through various leadership roles for the past 10 years. She founded Skill Theatre, a low cost or no cost, experiential learning approach to skill development for teachers and students to achieve a successful inclusive learning environment in the rural parts of South India. A globally recognized teacher educator who is passionate about transforming the teachers’ lives and trained over 8000 teachers and students across India and Nigeria through experiential learning. She is an education writer who writes to inspire change, a motivational speaker who wish to change the trajectories of students’ lives, discover talents and ignite their creative sparks, a changemaker who feels honoured to be in a profession where she can make a difference every single day, building memories, at the same time being surrounded with love. An education philanthropist who is raising funds to bridge the digital divide. A sporty ambassador of HundrED and founder of Future Fingers - a global movement for students across the world to voice out their hopes and dreams through art-based events & competitions. A curious learner excited for another adventurous year with team HundrED who is waiting to build at least a 100 lasting memories this year. She is a Postgraduate in Train the Trainer (Learning & Development), Postgraduate in MBA (Human Resources), Certified TEFL Trainer, and a Certified Global Career Counselor from the University of California Los Angeles.

Michael Ukwuma.jpgMichael Chijioke Ukwuma, Nigeria 

Michael Ukwuma is a Nigerian researcher and Human Rights Educator. He has over ten years of experience in teaching and managing development projects in various vulnerable communities. He founded SEVICS, a nonprofit promoting education and empowerment among young people in Nigeria through developing digital educational products and content. He mentors emerging and youth-led organizations in fields of corporate governance and fundraising. Michael holds a Master of Education Degree (M. Ed) from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (2015) and also participated in the International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) organized by the Equitas International Centre for Human Rights Education in Montreal, Canada (Class of 2018).

Udgum.jpgUdgum Khadka, Nepal 

Udgum Khadka is an Educational Designer and Academic Faculty at King’s College, Nepal. He teaches courses related to Marketing and Entrepreneurship to BBA and MBA students. Udgum also works at Empowerment Academy, King’s College focusing on Teacher development programs and workshops. His major interest in the Education space lies in Learning Science, Teaching Pedagogy and Engagement approaches.

Ng Wendy.jpgWendy Ng, Singapore 

Wendy Ng is an education and international relations specialist with extensive experiences in global education. She started her career as an educator in Singapore, and had the privilege of teaching in Japan as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme. She has developed and facilitated diverse programmes with educational institutions, museums and even on a world voyage with Peace Boat. Passionate about international exchanges, Wendy has spent time in the non-profit space managing projects and partnerships focused on social impact, and is currently coordinating public diplomacy initiatives connecting the United States and Singapore. She is also a content curator and writer who specialises in education and travel.

Ashley Lynn Priore.jpgAshley Lynn Priore, United States 

Ashley Lynn Priore is an American chess player & coach, social & civic entrepreneur, nonprofit founder & consultant, political strategist & commentator, youth rights activist, innovative speaker, author & writer & poet, media personality, & mentor —is the founder, president and CEO of Queen's Gambit, a national, multi-departmental hybrid nonprofit and social enterprise using chess as a catalyst for change and a model to empower, educate, and impact a better society. Ashley is the author of four books, including Let's Learn Chess!, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics at the University of Pittsburgh. She also leads Y-22, a youth on boards movement, Youth Political Strategies, a campaign organization supporting candidates who support young people, and Priore Consulting, an innovative strategy consulting firm. Ashley ran for public office in 2019 and remains committed to equitable politics (currently, she co-founded and co-leads Our Right to Justice which achieves for a more equitable Supreme Court). Her writing, focusing on politics, social justice, and entertainment, has been featured in national platforms including MS. Magazine, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed.

Natalia Fénix.jpgNatalia Rojo, Mexico

Natalia Rojo is a Mexican choreographer, and educator certified by UDK (Univesity of Arts of Berlin). She completed an internship at the well-known school of dance TanzTangente Berlin. Natalia started her journey in Education in 2012, since then she has been part of several Socio-Pedagogical Projects. Working in two different contexts, Mexico and Germany, has given her a wider understanding of education around the world. Natalia defines Education as the most important right of Humanity that is why she aims to support every effort in this matter.

Priyanka Handa Ram.jpgPriyanka Handa Ram, Botswana

Priyanka Handa Ram is a social entrepreneur and author on a mission to transform how the world educates, protects and cares for young children. She does this through consulting work, programme innovation and community initiatives, which encourage collaboration and responsibility – focusing on the most sustainable and scalable methods of Early Childhood Care and Education.

Priyanka is the founder/director of multiple early childhood organisations in Botswana including Learn To Play, a community development organisation that transforms lives through Play. She has been awarded with the title of ChangeMaker of Botswana for her work in Education and is a Global Leader for Young Children through the World Forum Foundation and her schools and programmes have been showcased on global platforms for their impact including an early learning COVID-19 response rooted in play and wellbeing.

Some of her most rewarding work has been training young people, teachers and parents across Africa, as well as presenting at global events, delivering key addresses on Play, Education and Community Development.

But most importantly, according to her, she’s the mum of two wonderful children who inspire her to cultivate play and nurturing care for positive impact."

NoburoHagiwara.jpgNoburo Hagiwara, Japan 

Noburo Higiwara’s vocational journey started as a primary school teacher in Japan where he established the foundational skills in children while also exploring many innovative, sometimes a little ridiculous, ideas in learning and teaching. He then travelled some 8000km towards the south and landed in Australia. Noburo has been given amazing opportunities to work as a teacher at local primary and secondary schools, and universities where he fully enjoyed the autonomy to further explore many theories, pedagogies and creative projects. Like a boomerang, he has now returned to Japan to take up a new position. He considers himself a lucky teacher.

Rabia Saqib.jpgRabia Saqib, Pakistan

A lifelong learner with 19 years of experience in Leadership for Learning with the largest chain of schools in South Asia and a track record of turning around underperforming schools through Continuous Professional Development of staff. A wife and mother to two daughters.

David Vidal, Spain 

David is a teacher, facilitator, and Innovation leader at Aonia Education. Since 2004 I have been fortunate to work combining two of my passions: education and technology. I am fascinated to analyze learning from the perspective of cognitive sciences, and I feel fortunate to experience the transformation that technology has brought about in this field.

HundrED Country Lead applications open annually in November, however, if you believe that you are an exceptional candidate for this role and have been part of the HundrED Community for a while, please send your CV to Katija Aladin at