HundrED GLocal Next Up In Brisbane Exploring Contemporary Learning Transformation


The traditional model of schooling is radically changing to be relevant and authentic in the contemporary world. Innovative Learning Environments and Experiential Pedagogies guided by change positive educators allow students to richly develop much needed contemporary soft skills. Join us at Brisbane’s first HundrED GLocal event on September the 4th  4.00pm - 6.30pm at St Peter’s Lutheran College to celebrate the positive change which is currently occurring across education while learning and connecting with local and international innovations which continue to enhance this transformation in learning. Innovators from Australia and across the world will showcase innovative strategies and systems which enable students and schools to grow in effective contemporary learning and richly developed 21st Century soft skills.

At HundrED, we are coming together with our Ambassador Derek Bartels from Lutheran Education Queensland Central Office and the St Peter’s Lutheran College, Brisbane to bring you enriching presentations from innovators locally and around the world as well as engaging projects highlighted by school students. Presenters will share examples of how their innovation enhances contemporary learning and supports the rich development of contemporary soft skills. We look forward to fostering lively conversation among like-minded educators, innovators and administrators. Together we will work to broadly implement educational practices that teach our students to engage and connect in the current world.

There will be a total of eight presentations at the event, 4 by local Australian educators/innovators and 4 by global innovators recognized by HundrED. 

We are happy to share that the local presentations will be made by Jonathan Nalder (Teacher – St Peters) on his innovation, Future We as well as Timothy Barraud, the Deputy Head of Indooroopilly State High School, on his innovation, Gen[In]Marc Tidd (Teacher – Lutheran Education Queensland) will present his innovation Money Matters.  Also, Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen will present about the successful innovation in learning, Tech Girls Movement

In addition,  we are excited to announce that our global presenters will be from the HundrED 2019 collection - MeeTwo from the UK, Shadow a Student and CommunityShare from the USA and Hands on Learning from Australia! 


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About our Local Partner: Lutheran Education Queensland

Lutheran Education Queensland is a system of 26 k-12 Schools and 62 Early Learning Centres across Queensland, Australia. The schools including St Peter’s Lutheran College, strive to enable the right conditions to allow schools, staff, students and the community to enable transformations in rich contemporary and service learning.