HundrED GLocal comes to Finland in partnership with the International School of Helsinki!


After the success of our first HundrED GLocal in London on Voices & Choices, we are bringing another edition of this event, HundrED GLocal in Helsinki: You Can’t Build Empathy Sitting Down, in partnership with our Ambassador Ellen Heyting and the International School of Helsinki.

We know there is value in pushing students outside a protective academic bubble to participate in real-world learning and service, but often teachers struggle to find the time, resources, and assessable outcomes. Join us on Thursday, the 16th of May at this HundrED GLocal to discuss how we can make learning more hands-on and use education as a force to unite people and build connections. Three innovators from the Helsinki area and three from the HundrED 2019 global collection will share the tools and techniques they have developed or applied to engage real growth in their students to make learning transformative.

The world of education has come to accept the value in teaching approaches to learning 21st Century skills and socio-emotional skills, but there is a dearth of resources of how to practically integrate innovative teaching practice into a set curriculum. As a result, teachers struggle to move beyond comfortable traditional practices, even when they recognize the limits of these tired methods. This event will help teachers find the motivation to take risks and inspire their students to do the same.

The workshops will highlight strategies that work to disrupt the typical classroom paradigm in the interest of engaging students in authentic learning and growth. Presenters will share examples of meaningful interdisciplinary unit planning, engaging unit questions, bold resource selection, team teaching, service learning, and student reflection. There will be opportunities to consider the purpose and promise of active learning units that move students beyond traditional academics as well as useful tips and templates, which can be utilized in a wide variety of settings. We look forward to fostering lively conversations among like-minded educators, innovators, and administrators. Together we will work to broadly implement educational practices that teach our students to engage and connect.


Who will be presenting?

We are happy to share that the local presentations will be made by Rachael Thrash & Ellen Heyting on their innovation, Building Blocks of Engagement as well as Kathleen Naglee, the Head of the International School of Helsinki, on her innovation, Embodied Space: the Neuroscience of Learning Design. Also, Lydia Hänninen and Kristina Petrova, two G11 students at International School of Helsinki will present on Student-Led Activism and how an inspiring call from a local representative of UNWomen channeled them into taking action to fight inequality, climate change and for social justice.

The global presentations will include one by HundrED 2019 innovator, Francis Jim Tuscano, founder of Kids Can! Innovation Camp from the Philippines will also be joining the event virtually. The camp’s goal is to involve, engage & provide children with the opportunity to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, & active agents of change, which starts with empathy. The project integrates the Sustainable Development Goals, E+STEAM (Empathy+STEAM), design-thinking & ​passion-based learning, which encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it.

We will also hear from Seppo, a Finnish game-based learning innovation recognized in the HundrED 2019 collection. Henrietta Lehtonen will join us and share how the Seppo platform motivates students to learn by transforming their school assignments into a game- set in or out of the classroom: in class, the schoolyard, in the city centre or even a museum. Seppo games are a good way to learn, as they develop group work skills, media literacy, critical thinking, and digital storytelling.

Finally, Lyfta, a rich media learning experience from Finland that invites pupils to have memorable, immersive experiences with real human stories from around the world, will be joining us at this HundrED GLocal. Lyfta lessons are designed in-line with Finland’s 21st Century Skill based curriculum and offer a great tool for teaching about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This HundrED GLocal event takes place at the International School of Helsinki. Join us on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, 4.30-7.00pm (EEST)

Register for your tickets here! Did we mention it’s free?!