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11.2.2019 | Katija Aladin

Ready to Host a HundrED GLocal? Here's What You Need to Know...

A HundrED GLocal is a structured, community event showcasing global and local education innovations, and led by HundrED Ambassadors and community members.

Since January 2019, we have hosted HundrED GLocals in London (UK), Karachi (Pakistan), Ahemdabad and Bangalore (India),  Helsinki (Finland), Brisbane (Australia) and more. Each GLocal focuses on a critical theme in K12 education ranging from the likes of fostering equity to student voice and vocation education. The aim of a HundrED GLocal event is to share pedagogically-sound, ambitious innovations in K12 education and inspire a local movement that collaborates for innovation in education.

Given the success of these events and having introduced both global and local innovations to over 500+ people since 2019, we want to bring more such events to the global education community. 

We look at HundrED GLocals as community-building events where people can find inspiration as well as discuss implementation. These events can be done online or in-person. An online GLocal lasts 1 hour and an in-person GLocal can last anywhere between two to three hours. Both formats are organized by HundrED Ambassadors and community members, and are free of charge.

At every HundrED GLocal event, an equal number of global and local innovations are showcased. For a Virtual GLocal, we propose 2 local innovations and 2 global innovations. For in-person Glocals a 3x3 (3 global, 3 local)  is also possible. The global innovations come from HundrED's Spotlight and Global Collections and are selected by the organizers. Local innovations are selected locally, again by the organizers and they don´t have to be part of HundrED yet, though they are encouraged to join our global HundrED Community.

While selecting local presenters, it is important that the Ambassador chooses examples of work that fit our larger research criteria, which are:

Impact: Evaluated as a valuable improvement within the innovation’s context. All innovations must have at-least 1-year of being implemented with its intended users.

Scalability: Either the innovation is actively scaling to other contexts or has a high potential to scale for others to adopt its practice/technology.

The first half of the event is all about presenting up to six innovations, both local and global, followed by guided implementation discussions and an opportunity to ask deeper questions. That is why it is also recommended that people who can help in this process of implementation, like funders and heads of schools or other education organizations, be invited to the event as well.

Organizing a HundrED GLocal should be easy and fun. The events are led by a host HundrED Ambassador who can gather a local team that may comprise of like-minded people, interested supporters and other HundrED Ambassadors from the region. The team is completely responsible for the logistics of the event as well as other efforts like marketing and finalizing the innovations that get showcased during the event. HundrED will offer an initial call and share a comprehesnsive google folder as well as a collaborative board that ensure that hosts are set up for success. HundrED will provide e-materials like HundrED posters, stickers/stamps, and community publicity. 

We aim to host a HundrED GLocal in every continent in the world by 2021. Will your city be next?


Interested in hosting a HundrED GLocal? Email our Head of Community, Katija Aladin at katija.aladin@hundred.org