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2.9.2019 | Katija Aladin |

How Does A HundrED Youth Ambassador View Education In Finland? - Wilma Engström & Noora Ruoho | HundrED WEBday

Watch HundrED Youth Ambassador, Wilma Engström, and HundrED Researcher Noora Ruoho discuss their experiences as past and present students in the Finnish Education system and how this setting them up for their future!

This video first appeared on our Facebook page on August 28th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 





Who is Wilma Engström?

Wilma Engström is an18-year-old that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Currently, she is on her last year of High School so most of her time is dedicated to studying and preparing for her upcoming Matriculation Examinations. From an early age, Wilma has been interested in books and reading, not only because they are entertaining, but also because they’re such a great source of information. She thanks her interest level in books because this has helped while studying for her Matriculation Examinations. Otherwise, she feels it would become overwhelming due to the amount of books required to read. 

Wilma has always enjoyed trying out new hobbies, from track and field to street dance to competitive swimming, to name a few. Right now she has been practicing Taekwondo for about a year. Sports are important to her because they are such a big counterpoise to school and helps her concentrate when studying.

She believes in the importance of education as the world is evolving so rapidly.  Wilma highlights the necessity to provide equal access to education.  The gap between those that can afford quality education and those who cannot is getting bigger and this is unfair.  There is a discrepancy between countries that cannot afford a good education and those countries that can. She is passionate about changing this, and believes that education everywhere should be free for everyone.

Who is Noora Ruoho?

Noora Ruoho is a 27-year-old HundrED researcher and project manager.  She is also pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Helsinki.

She graduated with a bachelor's in social services and was certified as a qualified kindergarten teacher in 2014. She worked as a kindergarten teacher for two years before deciding to continue her studies. She is currently specialising in special education and will graduate as a special education teacher and specialist next spring.

She is particularly passionate about education equality and inclusive school settings. As a future special education teacher she would like to work at a school where every child is welcomed. Noora strongly believes that diversity amongst students, teachers and all education stakeholders is only a positive and a huge contribution to the learning ecosystem. 

Working as a kindergarten teacher taught her the value of seizing the moment. She is excited about learning and knows as a teacher - learning never ends!


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