Collective Conversations: Upcoming COVID19 Education Webinars with HundrED


As we immerse ourselves in finding solutions and best practices to cope and recover from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on education, with the help of the HundrED Community, we are offering multiple webinars in the month of April. You can explore our previous webinars here: Global Covid19 Spotlight Announcement call and Webinar on Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Contributing to a Global Effort with Andreas Schleicher.

Workshop - Supporting marginalised student's learning & wellbeing

Thursday, 16th April 1000 -1100 UTC

One of the biggest challenges shared in our Global COVID19 Announcement Call was the fact that millions of children around the world don't have access to internet/data or conducive learning environments at home.

We would like to invite you to brainstorm on this challenge together. On the call, we will hear from Caitlin Baron from Speed School/The Luminos Fund (Ethiopia), Fakhira Najib from BroadClass (Pakistan) and Paola Franco from Coschool (Colombia) as they share how they have been tackling this challenge. During the call, we will also have the opportunity to get into small groups and share our common obstacles as well as potential ideas that can help serve our world's underserved communities. Final learning & recommendations will be added in our COVID19 Spotlight report as well as shared as an article.


Webinar: Key strategies educators and school leaders can use to inspire K-12 students towards deep learning during COVID-19

Friday, 24th April 1400-1500 UTC

Transitioning from brick and mortar-based education to remote teaching and learning is no joke. As all learning shifts to virtual spaces, what are the key moves teachers and leaders need to make to support students to cultivate deep learning from a distance? On this webinar, leaders of The Forest School and the Institute for Self Directed Learning will share key strategies leaders and teachers can employ to inspire learners to shoulder the responsibility for their own learning.


Workshop: Youth Voice Amid COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Thursday, 30th April 1200-1300 UTC

Young people have been deeply impacted by the school shutdowns and social distancing while taking ownership of their own learning. In some extreme cases, children and youth are feeling unsupported and isolated. We want to host a workshop, especially for young people to hear them out. We want to listen and identify how young people around the world are coping with the COVID19 pandemic, how they are using the opportunity to redefine and self-direct their learning, fight social isolation and prepare for the future of education. 

If you are a young person (up to 18 years of age) and have been impacted by the current situation, this call is for you. All young children under the age of 13 should join with their parents or a guardian.


For more articles, innovations & resources, head to our Coronavirus Toolkit especially designed to support educators & parents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Pukhraj Ranjan