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1.6.2023 |

An Agenda for Education Innovation Implementation Research

HundrED has published its position paper “Implement at Scale” to steer the activities of the HundrED Implementation Centre (HIC). This paper introduces a research agenda on the implementation of education innovations at scale in primary and secondary schools around the world.

At HundrED we aim to elevate innovations across education systems, especially by focusing on the implementation of innovations at the school and district levels. Simultaneously many innovators in our community have shared how they find it challenging to scale in different educational contexts.

“This position paper sets the ground for future research, and continues activities we have done in the implementation space since 2021,” explains Lasse Leponiemi, co-founder of HundrED. 

The position paper draws on Roger’s theory of innovation diffusion that is being adapted and contextualised within the education sector. HundrED defines innovation in education as a new or modified practice and/or technology that supports any part of the education ecosystem and leads to meaningful improvements in a given context. Within the paper, we discuss how implementation can take place at scale, and what kind of factors affect the successful integration of innovative solutions and practices. 

The agenda for education innovation implementation research, the position paper, is one of the pillars of HundrED’s Implementation Centre (HIC) that was launched earlier this year ("HundrED launches the Global Implementation Centre for Education Innovation in Switzerland").

“The position paper steers the activities of HIC as we endeavour to better understand what works in different contexts and why. Later this year we will be launching the Implementation Centre’s website with good examples of scaling in practice and a second position paper that dives even deeper into understanding the implementation of education innovations”.

The position paper can be downloaded for free from the link below: 

Download the “Implement at Scale” position paper.

We invite you to share your reflections and comments with us at