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Our mission is to be the first consumer engagement channel for international schools, future-ready students and parents everywhere.

location_on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
We offer schools a showcase - a conduit for parents to engage with educators and network within a wider learning community. Through our platform we want to discover the 'change-makers', individuals working to influence the future of education, today. We will become the glue between an international schools admissions and marketing goals and parents who are enthusiastic to be included and informed.
Students, teachers and parents working together are the future of education.

Professor Rose Luckin University College London (UCL)


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Updated on September 23rd, 2021
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A consumer engagement channel for international K-12 education

The idea for Kidsnschools was not born from a lightbulb moment. The process was an evolution of ideas and of discovering what parents and schools both wanted to achieve as consumer and provider. This discovery took the form of conversations with families, stakeholder interviews and drawing from personal experience of working in the international K-12 education sector.


Kidsnschools exists to help parents make informed choices when relocating with school-age children. We recognise international families as a single definable group - a flow of parents seeking world class schools for their children. We believe that today’s parents have the talent to inspire and engage and play a bigger role in the work of education. Kidsnschools is a conduit for parents to engage with schools and network within a wider learning community. 

Kidsnschools’ website

  • Our platform unites schools and parents in the same online space. 
  • Our pages present the hyper-addressable education landscape located in cities worldwide. 
  • Our showcases are for schools marketing, communications and reputation management. 

Schools’ showcases

A school is able to differentiate itself by showcasing actionable ideas and deep learning pedagogies designed to engage and change the world. Schools can achieve this through content marketing targeted at their consumers. 


Today’s educators require programmes that prepare students for their futures by inspiring them to participate in a journey, where they will not only be proactive in creating their destiny, but capable of being included in it. 

Kidsnschools’ community

We have the potential to be a global community of learners - a cohort of people simultaneously experiencing the same problems.


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May 2019
January 2018
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Schools and parents need to know about Kidsnschools
Our first step must be to raise awareness of kidsnschools website inside Vietnam, which is the country we chose to launch our pilot .
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Schools need to understand the power of great content
Discovery-driven learning is not just for the classroom. Learning from customer-centric data and delivering compelling data-driven stories can be aschools path to achieving unique differentiation, as well as significant and quantifiable business results.
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Schools need to know who are their innovators
The challenge will be to how to coordinate cooperation, collaboration and competition simultaneously. Coordinate different motivations, from the amateur motivations of people in our community with the strategic motivations that drive best practice among today’s education professionals.
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Schools need to attach resources to thought leaders
Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise.
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Kidsnschools needs a Co-Founder
Solo founders take longer to reach scale stage compared to a founding team of 2. Balanced teams with one technical founder and one business founder raise 30% more money, have more user growth and are less likely to scale prematurely than technical or business-heavy founding teams.
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