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Worlds of Work

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What does it take to succeed in life and work?

WOW is a ​FREE ​Australian initiative that equips young people with the enterprise skills and careers management skills to be prepared for the future of work.


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February 2019
It made me realise how serious having a career is, and what I must do to get where I want to be in the future.

About the innovation

Why teach WOW?

Work has long been important for the livelihood, dignity, and happiness of humankind. We know that work helps us meet our most basic and complex needs, providing a path towards financial security, mental and physical health and personal dignity and meaning. For the past century, the prospect of a good job that pays a fair wage has been part of Australia’s promise to our young people. By many measures, Australia has continued to deliver on its promise. We have enjoyed relatively strong economic growth, high wages and low levels of unemployment. However, the way we work is starting to drastically change.

Many young people struggle with challenging pathways into work and around Australia, nearly one in three young people are currently unemployed or underemployed. In addition to this issue, the pace of innovation and automation sweeping through our workplaces has prompted thought leaders and policy makers to argue that young people need more “21st century” or “transferable” skills that can be used across multiple roles and occupations. There is evidence that employers are already asking for these skills yet many young people are leaving school or further education unprepared for what employers are demanding

Developed by The Foundation for Young Australians, WOW stands for Worlds of Work. It’s a careers education resource for all teachers of secondary students that does things differently. It seeks to connect all Australian secondary school students with life beyond school through their own investigation into what it takes to succeed in the world of work…Here’s the kicker: while they learn about the world of work they’ll actively develop and reflect on the skills and aptitudes required to succeed in it. WOW also engages parents and carers so that they have the knowledge and understanding required to support their child in the transition beyond school so that Australian kids have the best chance to succeed in life and work.


• Themselves in the context of work.

• Transferable enterprise/21st century skills, why they’re important and how to develop and demonstrate these skills.

• The impact of the changing nature of the workplace with a focus on current and future industry trends.

• The value of community networks in helping to navigate careers information and pathways.


• Careers education is informed by Australia’s competitive strengths in the future

• Young people will be able to make better choices about study and work

• Adults are well equipped to provide guidance and support to young people.

WOW is packed full of hilarious content videos, dynamic classroom activities and opportunities for students to engage with their local community while diving into the inquiry question: “what does it take to succeed in life and work?”.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


WOW has a multifaceted approach to ensure that all students have access to quality careers advice and work experience, using informative and engaging resources.


So far WOW ​has ​inspired more than 10,000 secondary students to create better future pathways.


WOW has scaled across Australia.

Spread of the innovation

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