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UP Academy

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UP Academy is a progressive elementary micro-school that utilizes a concept and project based curriculum to promote whole child growth in mixed ability classes. Our graduate standards of growth mindset, scientific mind, social emotional intelligence, executive functioning, and influencing action allow students to apply the knowledge, skills and concepts they master in school to the real world.
Tanya Sheckley, Founder
To work together we must learn together.

Tanya Sheckley, Founder


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Why did you create this innovation?

My oldest daughter was born with cerebral palsy. She needed a place where she could get therapeutics to gain independence and academics to be successful alongside her siblings and peers. Our vision is for all students to have a global perspective of differences, cultures, and abilities so they can collaborate to build a world where we are all seen as capable productive citizens.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We created the most unique inclusive school model in the world. We utilize the best of many methods and ideas and fuse the neuroscience of learning with the joy of childhood to create incredible small humans. Through a multi sensory, project and inquiry based approach that is grounded in the skills needed to be successful in the future, our students explore ideas and solve problems by working in multi age and multi ability small classes. Our approach is working, our students are growing at 2X the national average rate of progress in math and reading as measured by MAP testing. They are engaged, excited and, the best part, they can't wait to come to school! Our mission is to cultivate a generation of creative, curious, free thinking, problem solvers through an education that embraces differing abilities will transform inclusion education with an integrated therapeutic method that views both life skills and academic achievement with equal value.

How has it been spreading?

Our micro school has almost doubled in size every year for the past three years as families look for new and innovative education approaches and question the tradition that many public schools are built upon. We gained recognition and support from Silicon Schools as an innovative new approach to inclusive education and were accredited last year by ACS-WASC. Our new podcast, Rebel Educator, has already reached over 1000 downloads since launching in August and we are building training and consulting programs through the Rebel Educator program. Our vision has always been to create a method of education that we could share in many different schools and contexts to support students with and without physical disabilities in achieving higher agency, self awareness, and love of learning.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We work with educators and schools to shift their culture to one of curious inquiry and inclusive project based learning through our Rebel Educator programs. We also offer courses on building your own microschool so that you can take the UP Academy model or create your own to meet the needs of your community. or reach out to me


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