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Unification of Law Education, Medicine & Moral Architecture.(ULEMA)

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Physics, can turn 🌎 into Paradise

Entire Spectrum of crimes, diseases, Problems worries difficulties, are basically OUR PRODUCTS (OP). The galaxies of OP are exponentially expanding outworld in time & space, and would continue to do so, Unless we as a Global Citizen' consciously committed to say "SORRY" for whatever We have been tuned to be doing globally. SORRY : "Scientific Obligation to Regret Rectify YourMistakes".


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
QUOTE: Qualitatively Unified Objective Teachings, Excellently Exit to ETERNITY.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Neccasity, is the Mother of Invention. This statement was learned in school age. The first Neccasity, was basically faced by one of the son of Adam, who had killed his brother, and wanted to know how to bury the dead body. Crow, was the one who provided the first SOP. Since than the journey of Neccasity & it's relative Inventions, developed So many inventions and the process is still going on.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Most of inventions are either positive or negative for the Global profiles, industrial revolutions, may be excellent for many Nations, but the at the same time the Climate changes, might become the nightmare for Global thinkers. It's just like a specific medicine appear as a remedy for a specific disease, but in the long run, it's proves to become a Source of other health issues. There for WE have to be very careful as well as concerned to allow & approve what's Globally Good for NOT only Planet but its People too, as far as the journey of Neccasity & relative Inventions. This approach might look inappropriate but it surely has better far effective impact on the Global profiles.

How has it been spreading?

I have been interacting constantly to let this ideas spread as fast as possible but in the initial phase Each & Every Innovative idea, has to be subjected with lots of Resistance. Which is quite evident as far as the history or civilization is concerned. The greater the Resistant, an Innovative idea takes, to spread ...the Greater it's latent Effect, the idea carries. So let the Innovative idea, decides its own route as well to achieve its destiny, no matter how early or how late it may spread as far as duration of time is concerned.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Very simple. I am trying to upload it soon on my website, www.scorpios.co and who ever is interested, would not only be Honoured but welcome too.

Spread of the innovation

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