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Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal- MIN

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Making learning resources and opportunities accessible to all.

Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal (MIN) is revolutionizing education by bridging the gap between government and private schools. Its mission is to make math fun and accessible for all. Through Education-to-All(ETA) campaigns, Junior Mathematics Olympiad Camp(JMOC), and innovative programs like Olymprep, MIN is nurturing future math Olympians and boosting Nepal's performance on the global stage.


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Target group
September 2023
MIN aspires to level the educational math field, providing quality resources for all backgrounds. Its innovative programs like eli5 and Sunaulo Sanibar aim to inspire joy and purpose in math. MIN is determined to eliminate math phobia, making math intriguing and enjoyable. Its main goal remains Olympiad training while addressing education disparities and promoting inclusivity in the coming years.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

MIN was created to address educational disparities in Nepal, offer quality math education, combat math anxiety, and primarily prepare students for Olympiads through programs like JMOC, Olymprep,etc. The prevailing rote learning system limits potential, with math anxiety starting early. Our ETA program combats this, creating a positive math learning experience.

How does your innovation work in practice?

MIN's approach encompasses a wide range of initiatives to transform math education in Nepal. Its ETA campaigns target underprivileged students, offering them free resources, workshops, and tutoring sessions. Its flagship programs include the JMOC, Olymprep for intensive training, and the Girls Mathematics Olympiad Camp(GMOC), aimed at motivating and empowering young girls in mathematics. Its approach extends to making math engaging through game series like "Sunaulo Sanibar". Moreover, it conducts talk shows and discussion sessions with industry leaders to share insightful thoughts and knowledge. It has also been launching the "eli5" YouTube series, simplifying complex concepts to make them approachable for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Its digital presence extends further with the "Road to Olympiad" series(RTO), a training program aimed at the international level. These initiatives improve math education and foster a love for the subject.

How has it been spreading?

MIN’s active social media presence connects it with a wider audience and shares its valuable resources. It has forged collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as FPL, reinstalling Hope, MAN, and more to expand its reach. MIN provides a chance for enthusiastic individuals, schools, and institutions to participate in its ETA programs by filling out a form that can be easily accessed on its official website and social media pages. Notably, programs like the JMOC and Olymprep have contributed to the growing popularity of its innovation among aspiring Olympiad participants. Furthermore, it's worth noting that its standing has been actively spreading through word of mouth from peers, alumni, and seniors, further solidifying its position in the educational community.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you wish to explore MIN, consider joining our ETA team by signing up for the form available on our website. Sign up for events like JMOC, Olymprep, and more through our site and social media forms. MIN welcomes skilled individuals with a shared passion. For inquiries, contact us via email or our social media channels. Explore our online resources on Discord and YouTube.

Implementation steps

Joining ETA as institution, and as an individual
Go to our website and visit the “Contribute” page where you can find and click the “Join Us” button. This step is open to all schools, organizations, and individuals.
Joining Active Events: JMOC, GMOC, RTO
Go to our linktree where you can find links to our active events and our social media pages.

Spread of the innovation

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