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Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal (MIN)

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Math's Future: Crafted in Nepal, Powered by You

Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal(MIN) is transforming math education by making it engaging and accessible for all students. Through innovative programs like Junior Mathematics Olympiad Camps and Olymprep, outside typical coursework, MIN nurtures young talent with a focus on eradicating rote learning and making math fun. By bridging the quality gap between schools, MIN empowers the next generation.


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Target group
May 2024
MIN aspires to level up the Math education field, providing quality resources for all. The goal is to inspire joy, purpose, and intrigue in math through innovative programs, eliminating math phobia. The desired change is a future where all students find math enjoyable and purposeful, with increased representation of diverse backgrounds among future math Olympians and champions.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Nepal faces significant issues with educational disparities and inequalities, evident in widespread math anxiety and negative perceptions among students from a young age. The prevailing rote learning approach to math instruction further limits students' potential and understanding. Thus, MIN was created to combat this by fostering a love for math and easing the grasp of its real-life applications.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

MIN's approach encircles diverse initiatives. Its ETA campaigns target underprivileged students, offering them free resources, workshops, and tutoring sessions. Its flagship programs include the JMOC, and Olymprep for intensive Olympiad training. Through programs like Women in Mathematics and Girls Mathematics Olympiad Camp, it aims to empower young girls in Math. Moreover, it conducts talk shows and discussion sessions with industry leaders to share insightful thoughts and knowledge. It has also been launching the "eli5" YouTube series, simplifying complex concepts to make them easier for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Its digital presence extends further with the "Road to Olympiad" series, a training program aimed at the international level. Adding to its diverse initiatives, MIN Mathematical Modelling Bootcamp, a first in Nepal, equips students with practical problem-solving skills. Its approach extends to making Math engaging through game series like "Sunaulo Sanibar".

How has it been spreading?

MIN's innovative approach to math education has been spreading through a multi-faceted strategy involving interactive sessions, flagship programs, collaborations, alumni connections, and a strong social media presence. We have worked directly(in both physical and online medium) with over 1,400 underprivileged students, promoting interactive learning and exploration of math topics beyond the curriculum through our ETA sessions.

Through our programs like JMOC, Olymprep, and Road To Olympiad, we have reached students nationally and internationally, drawing participants globally from India, Bangladesh, Syria, Brazil, and Botswana. Collaborations with organizations like FPL, MAN, Reinstalling Hope and Wiseyak have further expanded our reach and impact.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

For ETA: Institutes/Schools/Students can sign up through the form on our website.

For other events: Subscribe to our website/social media to register for events like Junior Mathematical Olympiad Camp(JMOC), MIN Mathematical Modelling Bootcamp (M^3 Bootcamp), etc. Explore our online communities on Discord and YouTube.

For General Inquiries: Reach out to us via email or our social media channels.

Implementation steps

Joining ETA as institution, and as an individual
Go to our website and visit the “Contribute” page where you can find and click the “Join Us” button. This step is open to all schools, organizations, and individuals.
Joining Active Events: JMOC, GMOC, RTO and more
Go to our linktree: where you can find links to our active events
and our social media pages.

Spread of the innovation

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