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Trash Heroes

Trash Heroes combines bicycling, clean up, dance and solar energy in a new funky way.

In short, what we do is: 1. we cruise around the city with our bicycles 2. we clean up areas one by one, to make them better for dancing 3. we dance 4. we move on to our next destination Trash Heroes is an initiative for a better city by Antti Lahti and Panu Varstala (Check out more


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February 2018

About the innovation

Partake in Trash Heroes

Partake in Trash Heroes

1. Cruise with your bike

2. Stop and clean the surroundings so that it’s more convenient to dance

3. Dance

4. Take a photo or video about your dance and upload it to social media. Use hastags #trasheroes #rideon

5. Invite someone you know to dance by tagging him or her in the photo or video

6. Change the location and repeat #cleanup #sustainable #why #solarpanels #cycling #cargobikes #dancing #fun #funk #earth #joy

Spread of the innovation

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