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AugmentedReality Heritage Culture Kids Storytelling Books

ToufouTrip is a hybrid solution that stimulates children's imagination and personalizes their visits to cultural places, providing access both to a mobile application linked through augmented reality content to a printed storybook, and a digital album for personalized memory of a cultural exploration.


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Target group
Students early
April 2024
We aim to revolutionize education with interactive, immersive learning. Our vision? Personalized, engaging experiences where students drive their learning. Augmented reality in educational materials sparks curiosity for culture and heritage.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Museums struggle to engage children with limited interactivity and age-appropriate content. By offering interactive experiences, educational programs, and utilizing new technologies, museums can provide captivating and personalized experiences tailored for young visitors.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

School outings to museums face challenges in engaging children due to limited interactivity and age-appropriate content. By providing interactive experiences, educational programs, and embracing new technologies, museums can offer captivating and personalized experiences tailored for young visitors.

How has it been spreading?

The prototype (V0) was tested at the Glanum site in partnership with CMN (Centre des Monuments Nationaux) in France. An initial version (V1) integrating third-party AR technology is ready for commercialization. Commercial outreach has commenced, presenting technical and customized commercial proposals to potential clients in Marseille (at the Grotte Cosquer), Marne La Vallée, and Tunisia. Version 2 (V2) is under development, internalizing an innovative AR illustration creation technology. This platform aims to be user-friendly for non-technical users, enabling them to create AR illustrations effortlessly. It will offer diverse creation tools such as templates, shapes, textures, and effects, alongside a resource library for personalized illustrations.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Access the Glanum StoryBook of Toufoutrip. We'll craft augmented books with customized AR content, integrating them into local print or as standalone editions. Personalized avatars will enhance children's experiences, guiding them on interactive cultural adventures.

Implementation steps

Accessing the Materials:
Obtain access to the augmented reality-enabled educational materials, such as the Glanum StoryBook of Toufoutrip.
Opening the Material:
Open the augmented reality-enabled material, whether it's a physical book or a digital file, on the device.
Activating AR:
Activate the augmented reality feature within the material by following the provided instructions. This may involve scanning a page with the device's camera.
Exploring Content:
Once AR is activated, explore the content within the material. This could include animated illustrations, 3D models, or informational overlays.
Experiment with different features and options within the augmented reality environment to fully explore its capabilities.

Spread of the innovation

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