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Allowing Nordic students to discover and understand the value of the Nordic languages and cultural community!

Norden i skolen (Norden in School)

The Nordic region
Norden i skolen (Norden in School) is a free educational platform for the whole of Norden! The platform offers K12 educational material in all Nordic languages. Norden i skolen is a forum where Nordic students can genuinely experience and connect with their closely related neighbouring languages and countries through common Nordic themes, subjects and perspectives.

What is Norden i skolen?

Norden i skolen (Norden in School) is a free educational platform for the whole Nordic region. The first and only of its kind, Norden i skolen is the largest joint Nordic educational platform. The stated objective of the common non-profit project is to revitalize the education in the Nordic languages and to strengthen the awareness of Nordic cultural understanding.

The educational material is multilingual – available in all Nordic languages – and diverse: extracts from books and novels, short films, games & music videos, covering the subject areas of “Language and Culture”, “History and Society”, and “Climate and Nature” from a Nordic perspective. The material is centred around reading and listening comprehension.

Norden i skolen offers teachers and students from all Nordic countries the possibility to work with the neighbouring languages in basic and upper-secondary education. Norden i skolen makes education in the Nordic languages easier, more convenient and more accessible!

Norden i skolen is also a platform where individual school classes can find and establish relations with so-called “friend-classes” from other Nordic countries. Cooperation with a “friend-class” from another Nordic country (and of the same grade) opens up for many exciting possibilities, both culturally and socially. While learning in a way that is quite different to traditional classroom teaching practices, the students can also find new friends and have fun. Students will discover the value of the common Nordic languages and culture as they themselves get to experience it!

Norden i skolen is developed and administrated by Foreningerne Norden with support from the The Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Nye kortfilm på Norden i skolen 2020
Norden i Skolan: Vänklass


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