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Thealingua brings together theatre, languages & interculturalism!


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Since 2010, THEALINGUA® has developed a language teaching & learning method using theatre. Our teams work in school settings, universities as well as with all other education, social or economic organisations. Every year, THEALINGUA takes on a certain number of projects in language courses and works internationally.

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Updated on February 23rd, 2021
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Bringing theatre and language to a space near you!

THEALINGUA® helps you develop intercultural projects that bring together theatre and language. For each project, we combine a FORMAT, a LENGTH, a GENRE and a THEME. We then create an intervention that responds to your needs and your context. We work with primary school children all the way to university, starting with A1 level proficiency. 

Thealingua is actively researching innovative pedagogy for teaching & learning in different languages and cultures. Pluridisciplinary, this action research brings together educational sciences, language didactics and performance & spectacle theatre. 

THEATRE // Our practice was created amongst the contemporary theatre constellations where thinking, doing and transmitting theatre are the 3 pillars in our artistic research. We are aligned with Jacques Copeau, Ariane Mnouchkine, Peter Brook, Eugenio Barba, Jacques Lecoq, Alain Knapp... Each artist has their own way of incorporating theatre play that shines through the body, the collective and meeting with the other. 

PEDAGOGY // Staying true to traditional education, Thealingua's interventions are founded on the pedagogy of the project. This pedagogy is derived from active teaching methods (Freinet, Montessori,…) that consider each person as a global being, particular physical qualities, intellectual, social and artistic. It is equally a pedagogy based on collaboration, where the participation of all the actors in the common project is necessary for it to succeed. 

LANGUAGE // Our didactic language approach is inspired by the European Council and the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Our society offers more and more possibilities to relocate globally, particularly professionally, language must be taught in this context of co-constructed reality. This is why since 2005 the European Council recommends teaching-learning language based on an action methodology made by concrete projects in the classroom. We organise projects using language on and off the stage. 


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