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The QF Gifted Hub

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A program for children with high intellectual capacities

The QF Gifted Hub offers the opportunity for gifted students to learn with their intellectual peers in subjects often reserved for older students.

About the innovation

What is The QF Gifted Hub

What is the problem we are addressing?

Gifted students often do not fit in the traditional school environment because they need less grade-level work, faster-paced lessons, deeper and more advanced content, and opportunities to work with other gifted students. As a result, gifted students become bored with school and disengage from learning. In time, this may lead to dire consequences for the student.

What is our solution?

The QF Gifted Hub offers the opportunity for gifted students to learn with their intellectual peers in subjects often reserved for older students. This formula of high interest, fast-paced courses with teachers who understand the needs of gifted students provides Doha’s gifted student population with a place to come together for programs and opportunities that meet their unique needs.

An overview of our impact

Through our pilot program of five high interest courses, offered through a highbred online/in-person format, for students in grades 3-6, we have received exceptional feedback from parents about the courses, the impact they are making on their children. Our current course includes human biology and geometric and spatial reasoning for grade 3 – 4 students; Mission to Mars for grades 4-5; forensics and genetics for grades 5-6. 

Examples of implementation

Parent responses: 

  • Grade 5 (British Year 6): The QF Gifted Hub has been a fantastic opportunity for my son. He has been able to explore an area of genuine interest at a level that challenges him and in a way that meets how he enjoys learning. Working with other like-minded students and being given the freedom to do his own research, has been invigorating for him and helped keep his love of learning alive.
  • Grade 3 (British Year 4): Very thankful Qatar Foundation offers this unique gifted program to the community. My 8-year-old daughter was not being challenged in her current grade environment and was starting to disengage from school all together. She didn't understand the point of school. She now can see how much fun; exciting and challenging school is and has a new excitement and energy for learning. She loves going into the QAST high school classrooms and loves seeing what the future holds for her. Grateful that this unique ecosystem called Education City exists for all to be able to unlock their potential

What are our future goals?

  • Quarterly talent searches to find gifted children throughout Qatar.
  • High impact courses
  • Competitions
  • Student Mentorship program
  • Access to QF ecosystem including university courses 
  • Educator Professional Development, Micro-credential and endorsement
  • Consultancy for schools throughout the country
  • Parent Workshops
  • Gifted Education Speaker Series
  • Local, regional and global gifted conference

How can someone else implement it? What do they need?

Recognize and identify gifted children within their educational institute and provide opportunities for these students to experience unique learning with their intellectual peers.