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The Innovative Child Network provides skill-based learning opportunities to the next generation of innovative thinkers and creators.

The Innovative Child Network

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At The Innovative Child Network, we enable children to build skills through skill-based learning activities. Children gain the opportunity to learn skills that are not taught in school and have mentors guide them on their creating process. With our project-based methodology, they express creativity in their work and become proficient enough to lead learning processes.
Blessing Akpan, Founder of TICNetwork
Every child must know that he/she has the power to bring positive change to the world. You do not just tell them, you show them by empowering them with the skills to make it possible.

Blessing Akpan, Founder of TICNetwork


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The Innovative Child Network

What we do?

Our programmes are broadly designed on the Battelle for Kids P21 Framework for 21st-century skills, adopted for its success in integrating 21st-century skills with core academic subjects. We deliver a blend of technical/content knowledge and soft skills. We have had both mentorship sessions in smaller groups, as well as larger virtual classroom sessions. Our programmes of Scratch programming, web development, and animation effectively equip students with information and media skills. 

Our courses in writing, public speaking and poetry serve two objectives; firstly, they foster creativity and communication skills, and secondly, be respectful of, as well as empathetic and responsible to other viewpoints. This combination of skills makes our students competent, confident, compassionate and connected to groups in society, thus enabling them to contribute meaningfully to their environment.

Our mentors are central to the success of our mentorship programmes. Having an average of 2-3 years of experience in their respective fields, our certified mentors provide between 1-2 hours for their sessions every week. The mentorship curriculum is centrally planned to ensure skill development in defined domains while allowing for flexibility in the mentors teaching styles. 

Why we do it?

We envision a society where every child will have the necessary skills to better prepare them for the future, unlocking learning at school and contribute to success, thereby preparing a child for the independence of life.


See this innovation in action

How to Create and Share your First Scratch Project Online - Learners Leading Learning Processes
One of our Learners led a session on Scratch programming
Introduction to HTML & CSS - Learners Leading Learning Processes
In this session, one of our learners showed us how to write our first HTML and CSS codes.
1Child 1Book Campaign
2020 1Child 1Book Campaign enabled us to spread the importance of Quality Education and sensitize young people about the Sustainable Development Goal 4. 
Animation with Muvizu
The Kids Were trained how to make Animations Using a simple-to-use animation software - Muvizu
Mentorship Sessions on Public Speaking
Every Week for 1 to 2 hours, learners learn about Public Speaking from their mentor and they get to practically express what they have learnt too.
Mentorship Sessions on Drawing/Painting
Our klearners have 1 to 2 hours every week with their mentor on Drawing and Painting and it helps them express their creativity.
Children's Day Celebration, 2020 ( TICNetwork)
We are glad to be celebrating 2020 children's day not only with children in Nigeria but with children in other parts of the world.
Xtalks - Nigeria ( The pandemic, COVID-19)
Learners at The Innovative Child Network came together to share on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them.
what I learnt on the tic network session - Mmokut
Following the Outbreak of the Corona Virus, we transitioned to online learning to enable our students continue learning. One of the learners shows us a few things he had learnt.


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