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Democratizing access to career information and advice for underrepresented youth worldwide.

Our career advising platform crowdsources the answers to every question from every student about every career. We're building a massive open-access reference source that every online learner can access anytime, anywhere. To date we have served over 7,000,000 learners in 190 countries with high quality career guidance from a volunteer pool of +125,000 working professionals.

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April 2023 has grown the scope of knowledge I wasn’t able to acquire from counselors at my school.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Youth career readiness is at a critical juncture and every day millions of young people struggle with preparing for their future. In the United States alone there is a 500:1 high school student to counselor ratio. is working to reverse this and strives to improve access to better and more equitable career outcomes.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

On students are able to ask any question about any career and receive prompt responses from one of our +125,000 real working professionals who volunteer their time on the site. Students complete an easy and quick sign up and then are able to ask questions, set career goals, and create to do lists to develop concrete action plans to achieve their goals - all from a desktop or phone.

Advice is high quality and personalized to each student. Each question is answered by 1 to 10 to 100s of professionals and is made public so that other students can benefit from the questions their peers are asking. There are over 8,000 career topics represented on CareerVillage and this number grows daily! All content is geotagged allowing students to receive both nuanced localized guidance and new perspectives from professionals around the world.

How has it been spreading?

In the past year CareerVillage celebrated a major milestone of having served over 7M unique online learners around the world. CareerVillage is in 190 countries and the content can be translated to any language. In the coming years, we plan to 5X our impact to serve 5M students annually while still maintaining the high-quality experience that makes us impactful. is a community of advisors and encouragement to help youth on their career pathways. Additionally, over 3,000 educators take advantage of CareerVillage and bring career education directly to the classroom. Our Educator platform allows teachers or counselors to invite their students and assign activities - helping students make connections between their education and future careers. There's even a free curriculum!

If I want to try it, what should I do?

1. Sign up for free today at to start giving career advice to youth in your community and around the world!
2. Share with any youth, career changers, or adults you believe might benefit from this supportive community.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

CareerVillage helps students find their passions and set goals related to their career aspirations by connecting them with real-world working professionals from within their contexts. The platform is well-designed, user-friendly and easy to scale.

HundrED Academy Reviews

CareerVillage is a simple, easily scalable innovation with a straightforward platform and a robust volunteer databased. It could easily be scaled through a range of funding opportunities, thus providing terrific impact on its user base.

This is a great way for teenagers to connect with actual in the field professionals to ask questions about potential career pathways. It would have a great impact for schools who don't have a large career team or an industry network.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Sign up on
1. Professionals can sign up for free at to start giving career advice to youth in their community and around the world. Students can also sign up for free at to start asking their career questions and receive personalized guidance and advice.
Share CareerVillage with your community
2. Share with any youth, peers, career changers, or adults you believe might benefit from this supportive community.

Spread of the innovation

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